Accelerate Change: Empowered Airmen

We live in a world that is driven by rapidly changing technology and an environment that includes aggressive and capable global competitors. Airmen are key to cutting unnecessary bureaucracy, recognizing and understanding our competition, and thinking of creative ways we can reshape the design of our Air Force. The Air Force must accelerate, must change, and must prepare for the future!

This page is dedicated towards highlighting the accomplishments of our talented Airmen at all levels and to show the impact they can make when they are informed and empowered to problem solve and make smart recommendations and decisions.



Accelerating Change



Empowering Airmen


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Video by Staff Sgt. Mikayla Daly
Inclusive Leadership
Defense Media Activity - Air Force
May 11, 2022 | 2:33
‘It’s important that we’re making all our Airmen feel included and the way that made her [Gabrielle DeQuire] feel was excluded and perpetuated stereotypes that we really need to change’

When Lt. Col. Sarah Zimmerman took the concerns of one Airman and helped her transform training and education for the entire service, she embodied the shift in Air Force culture that will lead to developing courageous problem-solvers who demonstrate value in diversity of thought, ingenuity, and initiative.


Empowering Airmen