Expeditionary Logistics for the 21st Century (eLog21)

What is eLog21?

Expeditionary Logistics for the 21st Century (eLog21) is an umbrella strategy that integrates and governs logistics transformation initiatives to ensure the warfighter receives the right support at the right place and the right time. The eLog21 transformation campaign promotes data sharing, collaboration, and better decision-making across the entire Air Force supply chain. The overall goals of eLog21 are to increase equipment availability and reduce operations and support cost. The eLog21 vision is focused on providing the following end-state capabilities:

  • Air Force-Wide Logistics Planning
  • Optimized Resources
  • Optimized Repair Planning
  • Total Asset Visibility
  • Logistics Netcentricity
  • Data Accuracy
  • Centralized Asset Management
  • Predictive Maintenance
Why does Air Force logistics need to change?

The fundamental way the Air Force conducts operations has changed dramatically. The Air Force is no longer a Cold War, garrison-based force; instead, it now engages in multiple contingencies simultaneously with a smaller force. It supports an aging aircraft fleet that requires more frequent upgrades, repair and maintenance. Today's conflicts require that the Air Force have a flexible, modular, and scalable logistics process. To meet these challenges, the Air Force must be able to leverage its combat support assets and capabilities across the breadth of the Air Force to ensure that the right support is in the right place at the right time.

Who will eLog21 affect?

eLog21 will impact the entire logistics enterprise, including the Operational and Training Bases, Centralized Repair Facilities (CRFs), Depots, Deployed Operations, Product Centers, Air Logistics Centers, and Air Force industry trading partners. Individuals who support the warfighter by launching and recovering jets, maintaining and overhauling weapon systems or equipment, purchasing products and services, managing the supply chain, or managing weapon systems will be impacted by the transformation.

What are the benefits of eLog21?

eLog21 offers a number of benefits to the Air Force including:

  • Logistics data is immediately captured allowing a clear, consistent view of weapon systems, equipment, parts, and information
  • Planners look at the demands of the entire Air Force and prioritize support based on mission needs thereby enabling planners to adjust as Air Force priorities change
  • A single logistics command and control agency, the Air Force Global Logistics Support Center (AFGLSC), develops global supply and demand plans for all weapon systems and commodities
  • Local supply, repair, and transportation are fully integrated and synchronized and aligned to the Air Force-wide plan
How do I find out more about eLog21?

If you have access to the Air Force Portal, more information is available on the eLog21 Portal (www.my.af.mil > Air Force > AFSO21 > elog21). You may also contact the Air Force Directorate of Transformation (A4I).


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