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Intermediate developmental education grads selected for studies group

JOINT BASE SAN ANTONIO-RANDOLPH, Texas (AFNS) -- Several dozen Air Force majors have been selected as primary or alternate academic year 2014 advanced studies group participants, Air Force Personnel Center officials announced.

The board considered eligible officers who had completed, or were completing, their in-residence intermediate developmental education program, said Maj. Yulanda Bogany, the AFPC developmental education chief.

"The purpose of the advanced study group program is to develop participants' strategic thinking skills so that they are better able to contribute to national security and support U.S. national interests," she said. "Selection is very competitive for this prestigious program."

The School of Advanced Air and Space Studies selected 36 primary officers and 16 as alternates to attend. The School of Advanced Warfighting selected two officers to attend. The School of Advanced Military Studies selected seven primary and seven alternate officers to attend. The Maritime Advanced Warfighting School selected five officers to attend.

To see the list of selectees, go to the myPers website at https://mypers.af.mil and enter PSDM 13-118 in the search window.
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