Air Force 75th Birthday


For 75 years, American Airmen have excelled as they execute the Air Force mission to fly, fight, and win — delivering airpower anytime, anywhere in defense of our nation.  

Airmen are called to “Innovate, Accelerate and Thrive” as the U.S. Air Force and Department of the Air Force approach their 75th anniversaries on Sept. 18, 2022. Airmen will always be there to provide America with the airpower it needs to defend the nation, deter or defeat our adversaries, reassure our partners and allies, and help diplomacy proceed from a position of strength. 







AF 75th Birthday INNOVATE

Innovation, fueled by Airmen, is our heritage. Airmen continue to push technological and cultural boundaries which make America the leader in airpower and spacepower. Innovation is an integral part of how we train and employ our squadrons, develop our capabilities, and continue to move toward an even more effective Air Force.

AF 75th Birthday Accelerate

From their inception 75 years ago, the U.S. Air Force and Department of the Air Force have excelled at keeping pace with rapid changes in technology and in the demands placed on the Air Force’s five core missions: air superiority; global strike; rapid global mobility; intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance; and command and control.

AF 75th Birthday Thrive

We are the world’s greatest Air Force because of those who have gone before us – particularly those who weren’t afraid to break barriers. Empowered Airmen are the competitive edge we have over our adversaries and the reason we are the world’s greatest Air Force.


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Video by Tech. Sgt. Timothy Dischinat
Happy 100th Birthday Gen. Robin Olds - from Wolves both current and past!
8th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
July 13, 2022 | 4:46
American fighter pilot, general officer, triple ace, the first Wolf. The list of achievements for Brigadier General Robin Olds could go on and on. Today, we add another item to that list: centennial.

Today, the Wolf Pack at Kunsan Air Base, Republic of Korea, celebrates the 100th birthday of Gen. Olds. The 62nd and current Wolf, Col. Henry R. Jeffress, III, took time to reflect on what Gen. Olds meant, not only to Kunsan Air Base but also the United States Air Force.

Former Wolves - including Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Gen. CQ Brown Jr. and Wolf 46 - provided a short message wishing Gen. Olds a Happy Birthday.

Gen. Olds - thank you for everything you’ve done for the U.S. Air Force. We look forward to another 100 years honoring your legacy!

Yesterday, Today and into the future!

This Month in AF History

  • Aug. 1, 2005: The U-2 Dragon Lady marks 50 years since its first flight. The single engine, very high-altitude intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft has seen service with both the Air Force and the CIA. The plane can operate at 70,000 feet and function in all weather and light conditions.
  • Aug. 2, 1994: Two 2nd Bomb Wing B-52 Stratofortresses set a world record circumnavigating the Earth during a global-power mission to Kuwait. The 47-hour flight required five aerial refuelings.
  • Aug. 6, 1993: Dr. Sheila E. Widnall is sworn in as secretary of the Air Force, becoming the first woman armed services secretary and the first woman to head any of the military services.
  • Aug. 7, 1959: Two Air Force F-100s make the first flight by jet fighter aircraft over the North Pole.
  • Aug. 8, 1961: The Air Force launches an Atlas F missile from Cape Canaveral, Florida, for the first time. The Atlas F, designed for long-term storage of liquid fuels and for shortened countdown, is the only Atlas model destined for emplacement in hardened underground silos.
  • Aug. 17, 1978: The Air Force accepts the first production model F-16 Fighting Falcon in a ceremony at the General Dynamics plant in Fort Worth, Texas. 
  • Aug. 20, 1990: More than 15,300 Air Force reservists, approximately 22% of the total Air Force Reserve force, volunteer to serve in Operation Desert Shield.
  • Aug. 25-29, 1995: C-17 Globemaster III cargo aircraft participate in their first major exercise. Eleven C-17s from the 315th and 437th Airlift Wings move almost 300 tons of troops and equipment to Kuwait.
  • Aug. 30, 1974: A C-5 Galaxy completes its first long-range, air-refueled mission over water. Flying from Dover Air Force Base, Delaware, to Clark Air Base, Philippines, the aircraft covered 10,600 statute miles (via mid-Pacific routing) in 21 hours, 30 minutes. 
  • Aug. 31, 2006: The KC-135 Stratotanker marks 50 years since its first flight.

AF Legends: Capt. Edward V. Rickenbacker

Capt. Edward V. RickenbackerEddie Rickenbacker, a race car driver, World War I ace, aviation pioneer and Medal of Honor recipient was one of the Air Force’s early legends.

Soon after arriving in France, Rickenbacker transferred to the Air Service and learned to fly. He then was made an engineering officer because of his great knowledge of gasoline engines.

His most remarkable action came on Sept. 25, 1918, as Rickenbacker patrolled alone near Billy, France. He spotted a group of seven enemy aircraft, and despite the strength of their numbers, boldly attacked and shot down two of them. President Herbert Hoover awarded Rickenbacker the Medal of Honor in 1930 for his aggressiveness in that action.

Rickenbacker went on to become an aviation executive, and he advised the U.S. Army Air Forces in World War II. He died in 1973 and is buried at Greenlawn Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio.


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