Officer AFSC Classifications

10CX Operations Commander
11AX Airlift Pilot
11BX Bomber Pilot
11EX Experimental Test Pilot
11FX Fighter Pilot
11GX Generalist Pilot
11HX Helicopter Pilot
11KX Trainer Pilot
11MX Mobility Pilot
11RX Reconnaissance/Surveillance/ Electronic Warfare Pilot
11SX Special Operations Pilot
11TX Tanker Pilot
11UX Remotely Operated Aircraft Pilot
12AX Airlift Navigator
12BX Bomber Combat Systems Operator
12EX Experimental Test Combat Systems Officer
12FX Fighter Combat Systems Officer
12GX Generalist Combat Systems Officer
12KX Trainer Combat Systems Officer
12MX Mobility Combat Systems Officer
12RX Reconnaissance/Surveillance/Electronic Warfare Combat Systems Officer
12SX Special Operations Combat Systems Officer
12UX Remotely Operated Aircraft Pilot
13AX Astronaut
13BX Air Battle Manager
13DX Control and Recovery
13LX Air Liaison Officer
13MX Airfield Operation
13SX Space and Missile
14NX Intelligence
15WX Weather
16FX Regional Affairs Strategist
16GX Air Force Operations Staff Officer
16PX Political-Military Affairs Strategist
16RX Planning and Programming
17CX Cyber Operations Commander
17DX Cyberspace Operations
18AX Attack Remotely Piloted Aircraft Pilot
20CX Logistics Commander
21AX Aircraft Maintenance
21MX Munitions and Missile Maintenance
21RX Logistics Readiness
30CX Support Commander
31PX Security Forces
32EX Civil Engineer
33SX Communications and Information
35BX Band 2
35PX Public Affairs
36PX Personnel Officer
38FX Force Support Officer
40CX Medical Commander
41AX Health Services Administrator
42BX Physical Therapist
42EX Optometrist
42FX Podiatrist
42GX Physician Assistant
42NX Audiology/Speech Pathologist
42PX Clinical Psychologist
42SX Clinical Social Worker
42TX Occupational Therapist
43AX Aerospace and Operational Physiologist
43BX Biomedical Scientist
43DX Dietitian
43EX Bioenvironmental Engineer
43HX Public Health
43MX Medical Entomologist
43PX Pharmacist
43TX Biomedical Laboratory
44AX Chief, Hospital/Clinic Services
44BX Preventive Medicine
44DX Pathologist
44EX Emergency Services Physician
44FX Family Physician
44GX General Practice Physician
44JX Clinical Geneticist
44KX Pediatrician
44MX Internist
44NX Neurologist
44PX Psychiatrist
44RX Diagnostic Radiologist
44SX Dermatologist
44TX Radiotherapist
44UX Occupational Medicine
44YX Critical Care Medicine
44ZX Allergist
45AX Anesthesiologist
45BX Orthopedic Surgeon
45EX Ophthalmologist
45NX Otorhinolaryngologist
45PX Physical Medicine Physician
45SX Surgeon
45UX Urologist
46AX Nurse Administrator
46FX Flight Nurse
46NX Clinical Nurse
46PX Mental Health Nurse
46SX Operating Room Nurse
46YX Privileged Advanced Practice Nurse
47BX Orthodontist
47DX Oral and Maxillofacial Pathologist
47EX Endodontist
47GX Dentist
47HX Periodontist
47KX Pediatric Dentist
47PX Prosthodontist
47SX Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
48AX Aerospace Medicine Specialist
48GX General Medical Officer Flight Surgeon
48RX Residency Trained Flight Surgeon
48VX Pilot-Physician
51JX Judge Advocate
52RX Chaplain
60CX Program Director
61AX Operations Research Analyst
61BX Behaviorial Science/Human Scientist
61CX Chemist
61DX Physicist/Nuclear Engineer
61SX Scientist
62EX Developmental Engineer
62SX Materiel Leader
63AX Acquisition Manager
63GX Senior Materiel Leader
63SX Materiel Leader
64PX Contracting
65FX Financial Management
65WX Cost Analysis
71SX Special Investigations
80CX Commander, Cadet Squadron, USAFA
81CX Training Commander, OTS
81TX Instructor
82AX Academic Program Manager
83RX Recruiting Service
85GX U.S. Air Force Honor Guard
86MX Operations Management
86PX Command and Control
87GX Installation Inspector General
88AX Aide-de-camp
90GX General Officer
91CX Commander
91WX Wing Commander
92JX Non-designated Lawyer
92MX Medical Student
92SX Student Officer Authorization
92TX Pilot Trainee
93PX Patient
96DX Officer not avail in awarded AFSC
96UX Unclassified Officer
97EX Executive Officer