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Welcome to the Air Force social media directory! The directory is a one-stop shop of official Air Force social media pages across various social media sites.

Social media is all about collaboration, and we want to hear from you. Check out our pages, ask questions, provide feedback and share your thoughts.

Do you have an official U.S. Air Force social media page(s) you'd like included in this directory? If so, please submit the link, using an official e-mail account, and we'll get it added to the page.
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Social Media Sites

Social Media Site : Instagram (103)

Social Media Site : Twitter (215)

Social Media Site : YouTube (152)

Social Media Site : Facebook (383)

Social Media Site : Blog (15)

Social Media Site : Flickr (66)

Social Media Site : Pinterest (3)

Social Media Site : LinkedIn (12)

Social Media Site : Google+ (1)

Social Media Guide Lines

The Air Force Public Affairs Agency has Social Media Guidelines to help Air Force leaders, Airmen and their families share information effectively while following Air Force instructions and protecting operations security.  These simple, easy-to-follow tips will help you use social media in your professional and personal life. This guide is for informational purposes only and does not replace official Air Force policy.