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Dr. Paul F. McManamon, a member of the scientific and technical cadre of senior executives, is Chief Scientist, Sensors Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. The Sensors Directorate consists of approximately 1,100 people responsible for developing new sensor technology for the Air Force. Dr. McManamon is also responsible for the directorate's technical portfolio.

Dr. McManamon served more than two years as acting Chief Scientist for Avionics. He was the technical lead for more than 500 scientists and engineers, and he was responsible for the technical content of all electro-optical and microwave sensors development, electron device development, automatic target recognition as well as avionics systems, concepts and simulation. Prior to his current position, he was the Sensor Directorate's Senior Scientist for Infrared Sensors, developing multidiscriminate electro-optical sensors, including multifunction laser radar technology, novel electro-optical countermeasure systems and optical phased-array beam steering technology.

Dr. McManamon is widely recognized in the electro-optical community and was elected as the 2004 secretary for SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering. In addition, he serves on the executive board for the Military Sensing Symposia.

1968 Bachelor of Science degree in physics, magna cum laude, John Carroll University, Cleveland, Ohio
1973 Master of Science degree in physics, Ohio State University, Columbus
1977 Doctor of Philosophy in physics, Ohio State University, Columbus

1. May 1968 - September 1972, electronic warfare physicist and electronics engineer, Aeronautical Systems Division, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio
2. September 1972 - June 1973, student, Ohio State University
3. June 1973 - May 1976, electronics engineer in electro-optical countermeasure systems, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio
4. May 1976 - May 1977, laser development engineer, Avionics Laboratory, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio
5. May 1977 - March 1979, electronics engineer in avionics systems, Avionics Laboratory, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio
6. March 1979 - November 1987, group leader, Thermal Imaging and Passive Sensors Group, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio
7. November 1987 - April 1993, technical expert in electro-optical sensors, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio
8. April 1993 - November 1994, branch chief, Electro-Optical Sensors Branch, Avionics Directorate, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio
9. December 1994 - July 1997, acting Chief Scientist, Avionics Directorate, Wright Laboratory, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio
10. July 1997 - March 2000, principal engineer in electro-optical sensors, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio
11. March 2000 - June 2005, Senior Scientist for Infrared Sensors, Sensors Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio
12. June 2005 - present, Chief Scientist, Sensors Directorate, AFRL, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio

1998 W.R.G. Baker Award, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. This award is presented annually for the most outstanding paper reporting original work in any of the IEEE journals or publications.

1995 New World Vistas, Air Force Scientific Advisory Board summer study
1998 A Roadmap for a 21st Century Aerospace Force, Air Force Scientific Advisory Board summer study
2001 Sensors for Difficult Targets, Air Force Scientific Advisory Board summer study
2006 Meritorious Senior Professional Presidential Rank Award

Board of directors and executive committe, SPIE
Fellow, SPIE
Fellow, Air Force Research Laboratory
Fellow and executive board, Military Sensing Symposia
Senior member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
Association of Old Crows
Optical Society of America
The Technical Cooperation Program Sensor Panel

(Current as of November 2006)


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