Emmett M. Tally Jr. was born in Tavares, Fla., in 1912. He graduated from the University of Florida in 1937 with a bachelor of laws degree. He was a lawyer in civilian life and entered military service as a reserve first lieutenant in March 1941.

General Tally served in Europe from June 1942 to October 1944 and in Korea from July 1953 to June 1954. In Korea he was director of materiel for the 5th Air Force. Prior to his Korean service, from 1949 to 1953, General Tally was deputy military director for production and requirements in the Department of Defense, Washington D.C.

General Tally came to Headquarters Air Materiel Command in 1954 with assignment as deputy inspector general. He was later transferred to the Directorate of Plans and Programs with the formation of that organization on July 1, 1956 and served as its deputy director until 1958. At that time he was transferred to Rome Air Materiel Area where he was assigned as deputy commander.

On Feb. 11, 1962, General Tally became director of data systems at Headquarters Air Force Logistics Command. On Nov. 1, 1962, he became deputy director of the newly-formed Directorate of Operations. On June 17, 1963, General Tally was assigned as deputy director of supply, Headquarters AFLC.

(Up to date as of October 1963)