Douglas Keeney was born in Erie, Mich., in 1895. After graduating from high school at Monroe, Mich., in 1915, he attended Tristate College in Angola, Ind., for two years.

On Aug. 15, 1917, he was commissioned a second lieutenant of Cavalry in the Army Reserve and assigned to active duty at Fort Sheridan, Ill. He was transferred to the Field Artillery in January 1918, and later that year graduated from flying school, was rated a pilot and transferred to the Air Corps. He was relieved of active duty in 1919.

General Keeney was recalled to active duty with the Air Force as a major in October 1940 and assigned as commanding officer of the primary flying school at Glendale, Calif. A year later he became commandant of students at the AAF flying school at Las Vegas, Nev.; in December 1942, was named executive officer of that base, and in June 1943, became air inspector there.

In November 1943, General Keeney went overseas and in February 1944, became executive of the rear echelon of the AAF Service Command in North Africa and Italy. In April 1944 he was named assistant operations officer of the 2618th Headquarters Squadron, Mediterranean Air Transport Service in Italy. He assumed command of Air Base Number One at Rome, Italy, in June 1944, and in March 1945, was named director of operations and traffic for the 2618th Squadron in Italy.

General Keeney returned to the United States in August 1945, and in November 1945, was assigned to Air Transport Command headquarters, Washington, D.C., for indoctrination in policies and procedures.

He was released from active duty in December 1945, with terminal leave until April 1946. He then became general manager of the New Car Dealers Insurance Associates in Pasadena, Calif.

In August 1950, General Keeney was recalled to active duty and assigned as a member of the Command Board of Appeals at Continental Air Command headquarters, Mitchel Air Force Base, N.Y. He was transferred to U.S. Air Force headquarters in April 1951, as deputy assistant to the deputy chief for Materiel for the Military Defense Assistance Program.

General Keeney has been awarded the Bronze Star Medal and Air Medal. He is rated a command pilot.

(Up to date as of June 22, 1951)