James Leroy Jackson was born in Marshall, Mich., in 1906. Graduating from high school at Eureka, Ark., in 1924, he attended Arkansas University for three and a half years and in November 1927 enlisted in the Air Corps.

Appointed a flying cadet in September 1928, General Jackson entered primary flying school at Brooks Field, Texas, graduated from advanced flying school at Kelly Field, Texas on June 22, 1929 and was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Air Reserve. He was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Air Corps, Regular Army, Sept. 4, 1929. General Jackson was assigned with the 88th Observation Squadron at Post Field, Okla. Entering the Air Corps Technical School at Chanute Field, Ill., in September 1930, he graduated the following June and rejoined the 88th Observation Squadron.

Transferred to Fort Leavenworth, Kan., in October 1931, General Jackson served as base engineering officer and then as base operations officer.

Going to the Materiel Center at Wright Field, Ohio in June 1936, he became assistant chief of the Aircraft Maintenance and Supply Branch, three years later transferred to the Field Services Branch, and in June 1941 was named chief of the Logistics and Publications Section. Assigned to the Air Service Command at Patterson Field, Ohio in January 1942, General Jackson served as chief of the Technical Data Branch and in March 1943 became a special assistant in the Maintenance Division there.

Assuming command of the 82nd Air Depot Group and Abadan Army Air Base, Persia in October 1943, two months later General Jackson was appointed chief of staff of the 5308th Air Service Air Command in the China Theater, and in October l944 became commander of Sector Number Two of the China Air Service Area Command. Joining the 68th Air Service Group in China in June 1945 as commander, that November he was named commander of the Chengkung Army Air Field Detachment and from January l946 to March 1946 commanded the U.S. Forces in Kunming, China.

Returning to the United States in May 1946, General Jackson was designated chief of the Aircraft Section, Maintenance Division of the Air Materiel Command at Wright Field, Ohio.

After graduating from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces in Washington, D.C. in June 1950, that September General Jackson became director of maintenance for the San Antonio Air Materiel Area, with headquarters at Kelly Air Force Base, Texas, and in August 1952 was appointed deputy commander of that area.

Transferring to U.S. Air Forces in Europe on May 28, 1953, General Jackson assumed command of the 80th Air Depot Wing, and the following month was named commanding general of the 7280th Air Depot Wing, USAFE.

Returning to the United States on Oct. 31, 1955 General Jackson was appointed deputy commander of the San Bernardino Air Materiel Area, Air Materiel Command, with headquarters at Norton Air Force Base Calif.

His decorations include the Legion of Merit with oak leaf cluster, the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal. He also has received the Chinese Special Breast Order of Yun Hui and Chinese air force wings. He is rated a command pilot and combat observer.

(Up to date as of June 1956)