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Michael Gerard Healy was born at Northampton, Mass., in 1889. He attended Harvard College at Cambridge, Mass., and graduated from Georgetown University at Washington, D.C., with a doctor of medicine degree in 1916.

After serving a year's internship at St. Francis Hospital in Jersey City, N.J., he became an intern with the U.S. Public Health Service in August 1917.

He was appointed a first lieutenant in the Medical Reserve in February 1918, and five months later received his regular commission as first lieutenant in the Medical Corps.

After attending the Army Medical School at Washington, D.C., he was assigned to the station hospital at Kelly Field, Texas. In November 1921, he went to Luke Field, Hawaii, to become assistant to the post surgeon.

He returned to the United States in November 1924, and was appointed flight surgeon at McCook Field, Ohio. He later served in that capacity at Wright Field, Ohio, and in November 1931, became director of the Department of Aviation Medicine at Randolph Field, Texas. He was appointed flight surgeon of Mitchel Field, N.Y., in October 1935.

In June 1940, he became flight surgeon of Westover Field, Mass., and a year and a half later was named flight surgeon of Kelly Field, Texas. He was appointed flight surgeon of the AAF West Coast Training Center at Santa Ana, Calif., in July 1942.

He went overseas in May 1945, to become staff surgeon for the AAF in the Mediterranean theater.

Four months later he returned to the United States and was appointed staff surgeon of the Fourth Air Force at San Francisco, Calif. He became staff surgeon of Tactical Air Command at Langley Air Force Base, Va., in June 1946.

In January 1949, he was named air surgeon of Continental Air Command at Mitchel Air Force Base, N.Y.

General Healy has been awarded the Legion of Merit. He is rated a flight surgeon and aircraft observer (medical).

(Up to date as of Aug. 18, 1949)