Edward Bond Gallant was born in 1906 at Worcester, Mass. Graduating from high school at Worcester in 1924, he entered Holy Cross College, graduated in 1928 with a bachelor of science degree and received his bachelor of laws degree from Boston College Law School in 1936. He is a member of the Massachusetts Bar.

Beginning his military service in 1925 as a member of the Enlisted Reserve Corps, General Gallant was commissioned a second lieutenant in 1928 and served in the organized Reserve Corps until July 27, 1933. Transferred to the Massachusetts National Guard he served until September 16, 1940 when called to active duty as a major and assigned to the General Headquarters Staff, Washington, D.C.

Joining the War Department General Staff in 1942, General Gallant remained until 1945, during which time he was detailed to many special projects, including duties in England, North Africa and Sicily in connection with combat activities and as a member at the Cairo Conference.

Graduating from the Army and Navy Staff College at Norfolk, Va., in 1945, General Gallant then went overseas to become budget officer for the Far East Command, with station at Manila, Philippine Islands and later in Tokyo, Japan.

Returning to the States in 1946, the general was integrated into the regular service and appointed chief of the Estimates Branch, Budget Division, War Department General Staff, Washington, D.C., transferring to the U.S. Air Force in 1947 as director of budget for the Air Force, Washington, D.C.

Going to Air Materiel Command Headquarters at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio in July 1949, General Gallant served as director of budget until 1952 when he went to Harvard University to attend the Advanced Management Program. Graduating from this course in 1953 he returned to Air Materiel Command as deputy comptroller.

Reassigned in July 1954, the general was appointed deputy chief of the Army and Air Force Exchange Service, with Headquarters at New York, N.Y., and on Feb. 4, 1957 became special assistant to the chief of the Exchange Service.

Going to Norton Air Force Base, Calif., July 1, 1957, General Gallant joined the 1002nd Inspector General Group as director of procurement inspection.

His decorations include the Legion of Merit with oak leaf cluster.

He was promoted to first lieutenant (organized Reserve) Dec. 21, 1931; to first lieutenant (National Guard) June 27, 1933; to captain (National Guard) April 14, 1936; to major (temporary) Oct. 25, 1941; to lieutenant colonel (temporary) June 2, 1942; to colonel (temporary) July 17, 1944; to captain (permanent) July 11, 1946; to colonel (permanent) April 2, 1948; to brigadier general (temporary) July 25, 1955.

(Up to date as of August 1957)