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Edwin William Chamberlain was born in 1903 at Challis, Idaho. He was appointed cadet, U.S. Military Academy, July 2, 1923 and served as such to June 14, 1927, when he graduated and was appointed second lieutenant, Coast Artillery Corps, Regular Army; accepted June 14, 1927; assigned service number 016762; promoted to first lieutenant (permanent), Feb. 28, 1933 with rank from Jan. 1, 1933; promoted to captain (permanent), June 14, 1937; appointed major, Army of the United States, Jan. 31, 1941; accepted Feb. 6, 1941; appointed lieutenant colonel (temporary), Feb. 11, 1942; accepted Feb. 12, 1942; promoted to colonel (temporary), Oct. 1, 1942; transferred to Infantry Reserve Corps, Aug. 25, 1944 with rank from June 14, 1944; appointed brigadier general (temporary), June 28, 1945 with date of rank June 10, 1945; retired in the grade of brigadier general, Sept. 30, 1946.

He is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy, 1927; Coast Artillery School (Regular Course), 1936; Coast Artillery School (Advanced Technical Course), 1937; Command and General Staff School, 1940.

Upon graduation from the U.S. Military Academy, he served as battery officer, 6th Coast Artillery, Fort Winfield Scott, Calif., from September 1927 to November 1927; battery officer, 59th Coast Artillery at various stations in the Philippine Islands to October 1929; ordnance officer, Harbor Defense of Puget Sound, Fort Worden, Wash., to June 1932; battery executive and supply officer, 14th Coast Artillery, Fort Worden, Wash; adjutant and personnel adjutant. Harbor Defense of Puget Sound, and 14th Coast Artillery, Fort Worden, Wash., to Dec. 1, 1932; platoon commander and battery executive, 64th Coast Artillery, Fort Shafter, Territory of Hawaii to Aug. 25, 1935; student, Regular Course, Coast Artillery School, Fort Monroe, Va., to June 30, 1936; temporary member, Coast Artillery Board, Fort Monroe, Va., to August 1936; student, Coast Artillery School, Advanced Technical Course, Fort Monroe, Va., to June 1937; member, Coast Artillery Board, Fort Monroe, Va., to June 1938; S-2, Provisional Coast Artillery Brigade, Fort Bragg, N.C., to October 1938; member of Coast Artillery Board, Fort Monroe, Va., to July 1939; student, Command and General Staff School, Fort Leavenworth, Kan., to February 1940; assistant to assistant chief of staff, G-2, Fort Sam Houston, Texas, to June 1940; commanding officer, Battery D, 70th Coast Artillery (AA) Fort Moultrie, S.C., to August 1940; general staff duty, Mobilization Branch, Operations and Training Division, War Department General Staff, Washington, D.C. to December 1942; chief, Mobilization Section, Organization - Mobilization Branch, G-3 Division, War Department General Staff, Washington, D.C. to February 1946; patient, Walter Reed General Hospital, Washington, D.C. to June 1946; assigned Separation Center, Fort George C. Meade, Md., for record purposes only to Sept. 30, 1946, the effective date of his retirement.

General Chamberlain has held a continuos commission since June 14, 1927 with active duty from June 14, 1927 to Sept. 30, 1946.

He was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for exceptionally meritorious and distinguished services in the performance of duties of great responsibility during the period of July 1942 to September 1945.