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Brig. Gen. Milton Herbert Ashkins was born in New West Minister, British Columbia, Canada, in 1915. He became a naturalized American citizen Sept. 8, 1926. Ashkins had attended Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio for two years when, in 1935, he enlisted in the Army Air Corps and later became an aviation cadet. He completed pilot training and became a second lieutenant June 16, 1938. He has had continuous service since that date with the following assignments:

1938 to 1940 - pursuit pilot, 8 Pursuit Group, Langley Field, Va.

1940 to 1943 - chief, Fighter Test Section, Ladd Field, Alaska, and commander, 54th Fighter Squadron, Adak Island, Aleutians

1943 to 1944- executive officer, San Diego Air Defense Wing, Calif., and commander 473d Fighter Group, Glendale, Calif.

1944 to 1945 - director operations, 430th Air Force Base, Ephrate, Wash., and deputy group and group commander, Headquarters 1st Fighter, 15th Air Force, Italy

1945 to 1946 - officer in charge, base operations, March Air Force Base, Calif.

1946 to 1947 - assistant chief of staff A-3, 12th Air Force Base March Field, Calif.

1947 to 1948 - Air Command and Special Staff School, Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala.

1948 to 1949 - director air defense, Deputy for Operations Headquarters 1st Air Force, N.Y.

1949 to 1950 - chief liaison officer, Eastern Defense Liaison Officers Team and director, Special Projects and Liaison, Eastern Air Defense Force, Mitchel Air Force Base, N.Y.

1950 to 1952 - chief, Communications Training Division, U.S. Air Force Military Group, Ankara, Turkey, and assistant director of operations, Headquarters Eastern Air Defense, Steward Air Force Base, N.Y.

1952 to 1956 - wing commander, 4710th Air Defense Wing and wing commander, 4750th Air Defense Wing (Weapons) Wilmington, Del.

1957 to 1960 - commander, 73d Air Division (Weapons) Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla.

1960 to 1961 - chief, Air Force Section, Military Assistance Advisory Group-Germany

1961 to Aug. 1963 - deputy director, Detachment 7, U.S. European Command, 1141st U.S. Air Force Special Activity Squadron, France (Headquarters Command, U.S. Air Force)

Aug. 1963 to present - deputy commander, Mobile Air Materiel Area, Brookley Air Force, Ala.

General Ashkins is a graduate of the Air Command and Special Staff School and the Air Force Manpower Management Course at George Washington University.

(Current as of December 1963)