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Robert B. Williams was born in Albany, Texas, on Nov. 9, 1901. He graduated from Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College with a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering in 1923. He was commissioned a second lieutenant in the Air Service on June 6, 1923.

June 1923 - January 1924, flying training, Brooks Field, Texas 

January 1924 - August 1924, advanced flying training, Kelly Field, Texas 

August 1924 - October 1924, Squadron Adjutant, Kelly Field, Texas 

October 1924 - June 1925, Photography Course, Air Service Technical School, Chanute Field, Ill. 

June 1925 - May 1926, 5th Observation Squadron, Mitchel Field, N.Y. 

May 1926 - July 1928, 6th Composite Group and the 7th Observation Squadron, France Field, Panama Canal Zone ( In 1928 he was commended for making an emergency landing in a crater lake in El Salvador and then spiraling his plane out of this hazardous area after refueling.)

July 1928 - September 1929, Operations Officer, 24th Pursuit Squadron, France Field, Panama Canal Zone 

September 1929 - May 1930, Commanding Officer, 12th Photo Section, 24th Pursuit Squadron, France Field, Panama Canal Zone 

May 1930 - August 1931, Instructor, March Field, Calif. 

August 1931 - August 1933, Instructor, Randolph Field, Texas 

August 1933 - June 1934, Air Corps Tactical School, Maxwell Field, Ala. 

August 1934 - April 1935, Secretary and Senior Instructor, Advanced Air Navigation Training Unit, Rockwell Field, Calif. 

April 1935 - August 1936, 30th Bombardment Squadron, Rockwell Field, Calif. 

August 1936 - June 1937, Command and General Staff School, Fort Leavenworth, Kan. 

June 1937 - May 1938, Operations Officer, 2nd Bombardment Group, General Headquarters Air Force, Langley Field, Va. (In February 1938 he took part in the United States - South American Flight from Langley Field to Buenos Aries, Argentina, and back, and was commended in connection with that flight.)

May 1938 - February 1940, 49th Bombardment Squadron, General Headquarters Air Force, Langley Field, Va. (In November 1939 he took part in a flight of seven "flying fortresses" from Langley Field to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and return, being again commended.)

February 1940 - January 1942, 2nd Bombardment Group, Langley Field, Va. (for several months late in 1940 and early 1941 he served as a military observer in England) 

January 1942 - September 1942, 1st Air Force Bomber Command, Mitchel Field, N.Y.

In September 1942 he was named to command the 2nd Bomb Command at Fort George Wright, Wash. He was in command of the 16th Bomb Wing briefly in April 1943, and on May 1, 1943, became Commanding General of the 1st Bomb Command, El Paso, Texas. In June 1943 he was assigned to the 8th Air Force in Great Britain, subsequently becoming Commanding General of the 1st Bombardment Division. He returned to the United States in October 1944 and was named Commanding General of the 2nd Air Force, Colorado Springs, Colo.

He is rated a command pilot and combat observer.

He received the Order of the Southern Cross from the government of Brazil in 1940 for his participation in the flight to Rio de Janeiro.


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