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Lt. Gen. Steven M. Shepro is the 21st Deputy Chairman of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Military Committee, the most senior military structure in the Alliance that defends almost one billion citizens with over half the world’s gross domestic product and defense budget. As a principal advisor to the NATO Secretary General and a senior military spokesman of the 29-nation alliance, he steers policy, strategy, decision-making and defense capabilities. He leads coordination of nuclear matters, advises the Deputy Secretary General and, in the Chairman's absence, directs daily operations and the business of the Military Committee, NATO's highest military authority.

Lt. Gen. Shepro was commissioned in 1984 as a distinguished graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy and is an Olmsted Scholar fluent in six languages. He is a command pilot with more than 3,000 flying hours in fighters, helicopters, and tactical airlift with over 600 combat hours in numerous operations. He has commanded multiple operational wings, groups and squadrons, and led frontline Battlefield Airmen in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He has served in senior roles in Allied Staff, Joint Staff and Air Staff over strategy and interagency policy development, aerospace operations, training and support; and global partnerships.

1984 Distinguished graduate, Bachelor of Science, U.S. Air Force Academy, Colo.
1990 Distinguished graduate, Squadron Officer School, Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala.
1995 Master's degree in International Affairs, Institut d'Etudes Politiques, Université de Strasbourg, France
1996 Air Command and Staff College, by correspondence
1999 Escuela Superior de Guerra Aérea, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2001 Air War College, by correspondence
2005 Master's degree in National Security, National War College, Washington, D.C.
2011 Senior Executive National and International Security Program, Harvard University, Mass. 

1. August 1984 - June 1985, Student, undergraduate pilot training (helicopter), Fort Rucker, Ala.
2. June 1985 - March 1987, H-1 Pilot, 37th Air Rescue and Recovery Squadron, Warren AFB, Wyo.
3. March 1987 - June 1988, H-1N Weapons Officer and Instructor Pilot, 67th Special Operations Squadron, Zaragoza Air Base, Spain
4. June 1988 - December 1988, Student, UPT (fixed wing conversion), Vance AFB, Okla.
5. December 1988 - July 1991, A-10 Flight Commander, 509th Tactical Fighter Squadron, Royal Air Force Alconbury, England
6. August 1991 - October 1992, A-10 Flight Commander and Instructor Pilot, 78th and 510th Tactical Fighter Squadrons, RAF Bentwaters, England
7. October 1992 - September 1995, Olmsted Scholar, European Parliament and Council of Europe Intern, Strasbourg, France
8. October 1995 - September 1997, F-16, Weapons and Tactics Chief, 388th Fighter Wing, Hill AFB, Utah
9. December 1997 - December 1998, Student, Escuela Superior de Guerra Aérea, Argentina
10. December 1998 - December 2001, Chief, International Fighter Programs, Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force (International Affairs), Washington, D.C.
11. January 2002 - November 2002, Director of Operations, 52nd Operational Support Squadron, Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany
12. November 2002 - June 2004, Commander, 2nd Air Support Operations Squadron, Wurzburg, Germany
13. July 2004 - June 2005, Student, National War College, Fort Lesley J. McNair, Washington, D.C.
14. July 2005 - May 2007, Commander, 18th Air Support Operations Group, Pope AFB, N.C.
15. July 2007 - July 2008, Vice Commander, 332nd Air Expeditionary Wing, Balad Air Base, Iraq
16. August 2008 - June 2010, Commander, 316th Wing, and Commander, Joint Base Andrews, Md.
17. July 2010 - July 2012, Director for Strategy, Policy and Plans (J5), Headquarters U.S. Southern Command, Miami, Fla.
18. August 2012 - August 2013, Commanding General, NATO Air Training Command Afghanistan; and Commander, 438th Air Expeditionary Wing, Kabul, Afghanistan
19. September 2013 - June 2014, Director of Operations, Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations, Plans and Requirements (A3O), Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C.
20.  June 2014 - October 2016, Vice Director for Strategic Plans and Policy (J5), Joint Staff, the Pentagon, Washington, D.C.
21.  November 2016 - present,  Deputy Chairman, North Atlantic Treaty Organization Military Committee, Brussels, Belgium

1. November 2002 - June 2004, Senior Air Liaison Officer to 1st Infantry Division, Wurzburg, Germany (February 2003 - April 2003, Senior Air Liaison Officer to V Corps Assault Command, Iraq; February 2004 - April 2004, Senior Air Liaison Officer to Multi-National Division-North, Iraq), as a lieutenant colonel
2. July 2005 - May 2007, Senior Jump Air Liaison Officer to 18th Airborne Corps, Fort Bragg, N.C. (August 2005 - February 2006, Senior Air Liaison Officer to Multi-National Corps-Iraq), as a colonel
3. July 2010 - July 2012, Director for Strategy, Policy and Plans (J5), Headquarters U.S. Southern Command, Miami, Fla., as a brigadier general
4. July 2012 - August 2013, Commanding General, NATO Air Training Command Afghanistan; and Commander, 438th Air Expeditionary Wing, Kabul, Afghanistan, as a brigadier general
5. June 2014 - October 2016, Vice Director for Strategic Plans and Policy (J5), Joint Staff, the Pentagon, Washington, D.C., as a major general
6. November 2016 - present,  Deputy Chairman, North Atlantic Treaty Organization Military Committee, Brussels, Belgium, as a lieutenant general

Rating:  command pilot
Flight hours:  more than 3,000, including 600 combat hours
Aircraft flown:  F-16, A-10, H-1, C-27 

Defense Superior Service Medal
Legion of Merit with oak leaf cluster
Bronze Star Medal with four oak leaf clusters
Air Medal with three oak leaf clusters
Meritorious Service Medal with oak leaf cluster
Aerial Achievement Medal with two oak leaf clusters
Air Force Combat Action Medal
Air Force Outstanding Unit Award with "V" device
Humanitarian Service Medal
National Order of Merit of France, in the Rank of Knight ‎
NATO Chairman Commemorative Medal (Czech Republic)
Honorable Order of Saint Barbara (U.S. Army / U.S. Marine Corps Artillery)

Order of the Daedalians' Orville Wright Achievement Award
Undergraduate Pilot Training (Helicopter) Top Graduate
Undergraduate Pilot Training (Fixed Wing Conversion) Top Graduate
Lead-In Fighter Training Top Gun
A-10 Replacement Training Top Graduate
A-10 Replacement Training Top Gun
Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force/International Affairs (SAF/IA) Top Officer of the Year Award

Second Lieutenant May 30, 1984
First Lieutenant May 30, 1986
Captain May 30, 1988
Major Dec. 1, 1995
Lieutenant Colonel April 1, 2000
Colonel July 1, 2005
Brigadier General Aug. 2, 2010
Major General Dec. 3, 2013
Lieutenant General Nov. 3, 2016

(Current as of November 2019)


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