Daniel C. Holtzman has been appointed as the Air Force Highly Qualified Expert, Cyber Technical Director, assigned to the Air Force Materiel Command Life Cycle Management Center at Hanscom Air Force Base, Massachusetts, where he serves as an internationally recognized authority in the areas of cyber security, program protection planning, security engineering, supply chain risk management, mission and system assurance and resiliency. As the Cyber Security Engineering and Resilience Senior Leader, Mr. Holtzman’s responsibilities include being the technical authority for security engineering, cyber resiliency and systems and mission assurance; engineering resilient systems; and defensive security engineering. Mr. Holtzman has also been appointed as the Authorizing Official for U.S. Air Force Command and Control Information Technology and Rapid Cyber Acquisition IT. Prior to this appointment, Mr. Holtzman had served as the Air Force Chief Engineer for a joint U.S. and NATO aircraft modernization program and a U.S. Air Force aircraft modernization program, successfully navigating two production decision milestone, and also served as an appointed Program Executive Officer Anti-Tamper Lead.

Mr. Holtzman has more than 30 years of experience in large scale systems engineering, high assurance and real time weapon systems acquisitions in support of the U.S. Department of Defense and NATO. He worked for public and private industry and federally funded research and development centers and participated on numerous senior study teams, including studies conducted by the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Mr. Holtzman was recruited for a Chief Information Officer assignment at a publicly traded company and has participated in technology development research and adaptation to military systems acquisitions.

1987 Bachelors of Science, Computer Science, Northeastern University, Boston, Mass.
1998 Masters of Science, Information Systems, Strayer University, Washington, D.C.

1. January 1983 – March 1984, Software Engineer, U.S. Department of Transportation, Cambridge, Mass.
2. April 1984 – May 1987, Software Engineer, The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory Inc., Cambridge, Mass.
3. July 1987 – September 1988, Computer Scientist, Vanguard Research Inc., Bedford, Mass.
4. October 1988 – September 1989, Simulation Analyst, VRI, Fairfax, Va.
5. October 1989 – September 1990, Technical Director, Strategic Defense Initiative, VRI, Fairfax, Va.
6. October 1990 – September 1991, Task Lead, Ballistic Missile Defense, VRI, Fairfax, Va.
7. October 1991 – September 1993, Team Lead, National Test Bed, VRI, Fairfax, Va.
8. October 1993 – September 1995, Program Manager, Ballistic Missile Defense Programs, VRI, Fairfax, Va.
9. October 1995 – September 1996, Director, Information Systems, VRI, Fairfax, Va.
10. October 1996 - September 1997, Director, C4I Programs, VRI, Fairfax, Va.
11. October 1997 – September 1999, General Manager, Information Technology Division, VRI, Fairfax, Va.
12. October 1999- July 2000, GM, Information Technology & Defense Services Division, VRI, Fairfax, Va.
13. August 2000 – January 2001, Chief Information Officer, VRI, Fairfax, Va.
14. February 2001 – August 2001, Chief Information Officer, Nextera Enterprises Inc., Boston, Mass.
15. November 2001 – December 2002, Principle Staff, MITRE Corporation, Bedford, Mass.
16. January 2003 – August 2006, NATO Airborne Warning and Control System Chief Engineer, MITRE, Bedford, Mass.
17. September 2006 – December 2009, U.S. Air Force 636th Electronic Systems Squadron Deputy Chief Engineer, MITRE, Bedford, Mass.
18. January 2010 – May 2013, Technical Integration Section Leader, MITRE, Bedford, Mass.
19. June 2013 – October 2014, Chief Air Force Cyber Integration, MITRE, Bedford, Mass.
20. November 2014 – September 2016, Chief Air Force Cyber Integration & Systems Security Engineering Portfolio Manager, MITRE, Bedford, Mass.
21. October 2016 – present, Cyber Technical Director, Highly Qualified Expert, Hanscom Air Force Base, Mass.

1998 International Who’s who of Professionals
2004 International Who’s who of Professionals
2004 U.S. Air Force Battle Management Systems Wing Quality Award
2004 U.S. Air Force 551st Electronic Systems Group Engineer of the Quarter
2006 U.S. Air Force 551st ELSG Team of the Year
2006 U.S. Air Force 636th Electronic Systems Squadron Engineer of the Quarter
2008 U.S. Air Force 551st ELSG Team of the Year, U.S. AWACS Block 40/45
2008 U.S. Air Force 636th ELSS Engineer of the Year
2008 U.S. Air Force 636th ELSS Engineer of the Quarter
2010 U.S. Air Force 636th ELSS Engineer of the Quarter
2012-2016 U.S. Air Force PEO Battle Management CPI/AT Lead
2013 MITRE Directors Award, for Air Force Mission Assurance Engineering
2015 MITRE Officer’s Award, Deliver Transformational Solutions that drive Mission Success
2016 MITRE Officer’s Award, Applying Technical and Engineering Excellence
2016 MITRE Naval Portfolio Bravo Zulu Award, 24 January 2015, April 2015

1992 Ballistic Missile Defense National Test Bed Study Group
1993-1997 Ballistic Missile Defense Joint National Test Facility Study Group
1997-1998 OSD Decision Support Center, UAV/MILSATCOM Senior Review Group
1997-1998 Ballistic Missile Defense Joint National Test Facility Technical Advisory Panel

Certified Acquisition Professional, Engineering Level III
Harvard Kennedy School, Cybersecurity – The Intersection of Policy and Technology
MITRE LeadFirst Leadership Development Program
MITRE Leadership Development Program
Network Security Administration
Integrated Baseline Reviews
Contracting for Off the Shelf Procurements
Acceptance Testing
Trusted Software Development

(Current as of July 2019)