Tony Ames, a member of the Senior Executive Service, is the Assistant Auditor General, Operations and Support Audits Directorate, Air Force Audit Agency, Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph Air Force Base, Texas. He provides executive leadership and direction for Air Force-wide audit activities addressing Cyberspace, Operations, Civil Engineering, Health Care and Personnel activities. Mr. Ames began his federal government career with the AFAA in 1990 as a PALACE ACQUIRE intern at Davis-Monthan AFB. Since that time, he has held positions at various locations and levels of the agency, including Region Chief, Deputy Assistant Auditor General, Associate Director, Program Manager, Audit Manager, Auditor, and Executive Officer. As the Chief, Western Audit Region, he provided operational guidance and supervision to 190 personnel assigned to seven field offices geographically dispersed throughout East Asia and the Western United States.

1989 Bachelor of Science, Accounting, Weber State University, Ogden, Utah
1989 Master of Science, Accounting, Weber State University, Ogden, Utah
2003 GS-15 Leadership Seminar, Washington, D.C.
2006 The Voice of Leadership, by correspondence
2010 Enterprise Leadership Seminar, by correspondence
2011 Air War College, Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala.
2014 Enterprise Perspective Seminar, by correspondence
2016 National and International Security Leadership Seminar, by correspondence

1. March 1990–November 1994, Auditor, GS12, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Ariz.
2. November 1994–December 1998, Audit Manager, GS13, March Air Reserve Base, Calif.
3. December 1998–April 1999, Chief of Staff, GS13, March ARB, Calif.
4. April 1999–September 2002, Program Manager, GS14, March ARB, Calif.
5. September 2002–June 2006, Associate Director, GS15, Brooks City-Base, Texas
6. June 2006–July 2016, Deputy Assistant Auditor General, GS15, Randolph AFB, Texas
7. July 2016–August 2019, Chief, Western Audit Region, GS15, Randolph AFB, Texas
8. August 2019–present, Assistant Audit General, Senior Executive Service, Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph AFB, Texas

1990 Certified Public Accountant
2015 DoD Financial Management Certification, Level III

Member, American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

(Current as of May 2020)