Major General William G. Work

Maj. Gen. William G. Work was born January 1928 in Mount Vernon, Illinois. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from Columbia College, Columbia, Missouri, and a Master of Science degree from Webster College in St. Louis. He completed the Air War College in 1972 and the Industrial College of the Armed Forces in 1975.

He enlisted in the Army Air Forces in 1945 and was sent to the Pacific theater. Discharged from the Air Force in December 1948, he re-enlisted in the Army in February 1949 and was assigned to a parachute and glider battalion with the 82nd Airborne Division. He was Company First Sergeant when discharged from the Army.

General Work then enrolled at Washington University in St. Louis and in June 1953, was employed by the Missouri Army National Guard as a Military Personnel Officer (warrant officer), where he organized and activated three 90mm anti-aircraft batteries. He reverted to master sergeant in March 1954 in the Air National Guard and was subsequently commissioned a second lieutenant in March 1955.

From March 1955 to March 1964, General Work was the detachment commander of the 131st Direct Air Support Squadron and served in various logistical and communications staff positions with the 157th Tactical Control Group.

From March 1964 to December 1971, he was Director of Communications-Electronics for the 157th Tactical Control Group. General Work directed the group communications activities on several deployments and Joint Chiefs of Staff exercises involving tactical control elements. From November 1971 to March 1976, he was commander of the 218th Electronics Installation Squadron. In March 1976, he became Director of Logistics, 157th Tactical Control Group. He commanded the 157th from November 1978 until his retirement as an Air Technician in January 1983 when he was appointed Deputy Chief of Staff of the Missouri Air National Guard.

In July 1985, General Work became the Air National Guard Special Assistant to Headquarters Air Force Communications Command. General Work advised the AFCC Commander and monitored the activities of more than 14,000 AFCC-gained Air National Guard people. With headquarters at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, AFCC engineers, installs, operates and maintains communications-electronics-meteorological equipment and facilities for the Air Force and selected government and civilian agencies. This includes communications systems, including long-haul intercontinental, local base and command and control communications, air traffic control and navigational aid facilities, weather equipment and Air Force standardized data automation processing activities.

General Work retired from the Air National Guard Jan. 14, 1988. During his career, he held every enlisted grade, warrant officer, and commissioned grade through major general.

His military decorations and awards include the Distinguished Service Medal, Legion of Merit, Meritorious Service Medal, and Air Force Commendation Medal with oak leaf cluster. He has also been awarded the State of Missouri Meritorious Service Medal and the State of Missouri Conspicuous Service Medal. He wears the parachutist, gliderman, and senior weapons controller badges.

He was promoted to major general on Dec. 16, 1985, with the same date of rank.

(Current as of February 1988)