The strength of the Department of the Air Force and the ability of its service members to perform its mission depends upon the quality of life, readiness, and resilience of its military spouses. Finding and sustaining employment is a key stressor of frequent relocations. Moving across state lines creates barriers to career longevity, and those obstacles are heightened by state and career-specific professional license regulations.

Licensure portability refers to the ability to transfer a professional license from one state or U.S. jurisdiction to another so that a professional can continue their occupation after relocation. To be eligible for employment, military spouses in professions that require a license must navigate laws, policies, and regulations unique to each state.

Most states have adopted legislation to benefit military spouses, and there are efforts at the state level to expand on those endeavors. The Department of the Air Force developed the State Licensure Portability website to support its military spouses by centralizing information and resources pertinent to military spouse professional license regulations. To view resources and state-specific information, hover and click on the desired state, or click an icon for more information.

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