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  • Another regime leader captured; Coalition forces transition

    Iraqi Kurds handed over the Ba'ath Party regional command chairman for East Baghdad to coalition special operations forces yesterday, U.S. Central Command officials said this morning.Samir abd al-Aziz al-Najim was the "4" of clubs in the deck of cards issued to coalition troops to identify the 55 "most wanted" members of Saddam Hussein's regime."He
  • 2002 contracting award winners announced

    Air Force officials will honor recipients of 2002 contracting awards in an April 22 ceremony at the Pentagon.The recipients of this year's awards are:-- Supervisory category: Lt. Col. Vincent J. Feck, 31st Contracting Squadron, Aviano Air Base, Italy.-- Non-supervisory category: Master Sgt. William A. Greary, 81st CONS, Keesler Air Force Base,
  • Officials announce 2002 operations awards

    Air Force officials announced the winners of the 2002 Air Force Airfield Operations Awards on April 14.The unit award winners are:-- Airfield Operations Flight Complex of the Year -- 51st Operations Support Squadron, Osan Air Base, South Korea.-- D. Ray Hardin Air Traffic Control Facility of the Year -- 75th OSS, Hill Air Force Base, Utah.--
  • Bound for glory

    A Malmstrom missile maintenance team removes the upper section of an ICBM at a Montana missile site. The missile section was picked at random for a "glory trip," a test launch at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif., in August. The launch allows Malmstrom and Vandenberg officials to gather data on the intercontinental ballistic missile's
  • Schriever navigator makes movie magic

    He has been a Confederate infantryman, a Union surgeon and a prisoner of war killed at the Battle of the Bulge, but his best role is a navigator with the Air Force Space Command Battle Lab here.As a Hollywood extra, Maj. Allen Vickrey enjoys working in historic epics that bring the past to life.Vickrey's journey to the silver screen began in 1980,
  • JSTARS team always training for battle

    As military action continues in Iraq, coalition ground troops are in many ways counting on their guardian angels to guide the way.Those guardians, crewmembers from the 116th Air Control Wing here, are always ready. They are armed with the E-8C Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System.Tech Sgt. Jim Anderson, an airborne intelligence
  • Airman sent home to donate bone marrow

    While the war is waged and aircraft launch in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, another kind of mission is taking place ... a potentially life saving mission.Col. Erik Hearon, the regional air movement and control center director, jumped aboard an Air Mobility Command aircraft recently in hopes of saving not his own, but the life of someone he
  • AAFES serving troops in Iraq

    The Army and Air Force Exchange Service's "Team Iraq" was on hand during the first days of Operation Iraqi Freedom in that country at logistic support areas in Adder and Tallil.In less than a day after arriving in Tallil Air Base on April 6, the AAFES team was able to begin serving the troops.Craig Sewell, who has responsibility for all operations
  • Spouses make flags to honor ultimate sacrifice

    Two Air Force spouses are helping revive an old tradition to honor the families of servicemembers killed in battle.Julie Gindhart and Claudia Schmucker, both wives of Air Force majors, have joined with other members of the Military and Civilian Spouses Club here to make "gold star service flags." The gold star flag is a variation on the blue star
  • Lynch asks public to redirect gifts

    Pfc. Jessica Lynch, the former Iraqi prisoner of war now receiving treatment at Walter Reed Army Medical Center here, has asked the public to send cards and letters in lieu of gifts and flowers.In a statement released by the medical center, Lynch said the outpouring of gifts from well-wishers around the world has deeply touched her."While she
  • President OKs independent panel to review academy

    President George W. Bush signed into law April 16 legislation establishing a panel to review allegations of sexual misconduct at the Air Force Academy.The independent panel's creation was part of the fiscal 2003 Supplemental Appropriations Act to Support Department of Defense Operations in Iraq, funding military operations, relief and
  • Team reduces civilian casualties with exact targeting

    So "all's fair in love and war?" Not to the Time Sensitive Targeting Team -- at least the "war" part.Team members do everything they can to minimize civilian casualties in the Operation Iraqi Freedom air campaign. They work in Iraqi Freedom's Combined Air Operations Center at a desert air base in Southwest Asia.Before a strike can happen, the
  • U-2 reconnaissance plane helps bring POWs home

    The Seven U.S. Army soldiers who were formerly prisoners of war in Iraq are safe at a U.S. medical facility in Germany and are preparing to reunite with families. The reunion was possible not only because of the rescue operation by Marines but also because of assistance from an Air Force reconnaissance aircraft.Air Force officials said that a U-2
  • Joint effort stands up Iraqi air base

    The Army said it was "austere." The Air Force called it "downright primitive."Regardless of the description, commanders on both sides agree the effort to turn an Iraqi air base into a coalition operations hub has been one of the finest examples of teamwork seem so far during Operation Iraqi Freedom.Air Force Col. John Dobbins and Army Brig. Gen.
  • The last goodbye

    Betty Lenzi, the mother of Maj. Gregory L. Stone, touches her son's casket before his burial at Arlington National Cemetery on April 17. Stone was the first Air Force casualty of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was assigned to the Idaho Air National Guard's 124th Wing. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Jera T. Stubblefield)
  • B-1 crew members receive Distinguished Flying Crosses

    Four Ellsworth B-1 Lancer crew members, who on April 7 struck a "target of opportunity" believed to be the site of a high-level Iraqi leadership meeting, have received Distinguished Flying Crosses.Capt. Chris Wachter, aircraft commander; Capt. Sloan Hollis, pilot; and weapon systems officers 1st Lt. Joe Runci, and Lt. Col. Fred Swan received the
  • Aerial-refueling team awarded Distinguished Flying Crosses

    While conducting air-refueling operations above Iraq on April 7, a four-person crew took their KC-135 further into harm's way to help airmen in trouble.They were recognized for their actions by Lt. Gen. T. Michael Moseley, Combined Forces Air Component commander, who flew in to Camp Oasis on April 11 to deliver four Distinguished Flying Crosses and
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom marks new way of war fighting

    The successful application of teamwork and technology in Operation Iraqi Freedom marks a turning point in American war fighting, the U.S. military's senior officer said here April 16."What we've done in Iraq has been dramatically different" than how the American military has fought wars since the Civil War, Air Force Gen. Richard B. Myers, the
  • DOD getting $62.9 billion to help pay for war

    The Defense Department is receiving $62.6 billion as a result of the emergency supplemental bill President Bush signed today.With the war in Iraq costing $20 billion to date, DOD officials said they are grateful that Congress acted so quickly, said Dov Zakheim, DOD comptroller.Of immediate interest to service members is a provision of the
  • Situation in Iraq brightening; troops still in danger

    The situation on the ground "continues to brighten in Iraq," the Pentagon's chief spokeswoman said in the Pentagon today. "But our troops are still putting their lives on the line, and the work is still dangerous."American and other coalition forces are working with local Iraqi leaders, clerics and "ordinary civilians" to rehabilitate the country,


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