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  • Air boss conference discusses war plan

    Leaders from around the world came together here May 22 to discuss deterrence and change the war plan regarding the North Korean threat.The annual event provided an opportunity for coalition members, who would fight together if deterrence were to fail, to hear from the U.S. Forces Korea commander about his view of the plan.“It’s a great opportunity
  • Former CMSAFs offer advice

    Two key members of Air Force enlisted history and former chief master sergeants of the Air Force are visiting with U.S. Air Forces in Europe airmen. Retired Chief Master Sgts. of the Air Force Paul Airey, the first person to hold the title, and Sam Parish, the 8th CMSAF, are here as guest speakers for the command’s 2003 enlisted awards banquet May
  • Hill prepares F-16s for Italian air force

    Italian defense officials accepted the first of 34 modified and refurbished F-16 Fighting Falcon A and B models from experts here May 16.Maj. Gen. Tommaso Ferro, air defense and defense cooperation attaché for the Italian air force, lead a delegation of military and diplomatic dignitaries in accepting aircraft purchased under the Defense
  • Civil Air Patrol supports TOPOFF exercise

    May 12 to 16, Civil Air Patrol volunteers supported counterterrorism exercise TOPOFF 2 in Chicago and Seattle.The U.S. Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Department of State, in cooperation with federal, state, local and Canadian partners, sponsored the five-day, full-scale exercise and simulation of how the nation would respond in the event
  • AFRC sets missed-training policy

    Air Force reservists, who have been mobilized, demobilized or who served on voluntary military personnel appropriation tours supporting a contingency since Oct. 1, will not be required to perform an annual tour between now and Sept. 30.Lt. Gen. James E. Sherrard III, commander of Air Force Reserve Command, approved a policy May 16 that exempts
  • National moment of silence set

    In honor of Americans who died in service to the nation, the White House Commission is encouraging U.S. citizens to participate in a 60-second moment of silence at 3 p.m. local time May 26, the national observance of Memorial Day. The National Moment of Remembrance Campaign is designed as an act of American unity, encouraging the participation of
  • University assists Air Force programmers

    Airmen are improving their programming skills with help from experts called in from Auburn University at Montgomery by Standard Systems Group officials here.Standard Systems Group manages information technology contracts and standard information system programs commonly used at all active and Reserve Air Force bases and Defense Department
  • Air Force punishes cross burners

    A cross-burning incident in Albuquerque, N.M., in March has resulted in discharges for three airmen from here. An investigation revealed three Air Force personnel actively participated in the burning of a wooden cross in the fenced-in backyard of one of the member’s apartment. While the cross-burning incident was not directed at any specific
  • Deployed airman grows desert crop

    One look around this forward-deployed location shows most people there is nothing green to be had in the country.It is said that when airmen here return home, everything with color will be infinitely more brilliant. Grass will be much greener, and flowers will be far more colorful and vibrant.Senior Airman Dusty Bailey did not want to wait that
  • Team performs sacred act at mortuary

    Sixteen airmen with the 459th Services Flight here returned home after deploying to the Dover Air Force Base, Del., mortuary in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.For these airmen, returning home had a special meaning. While deployed, they made sure those who paid the ultimate price during the war returned home as well.“It is not easy,” said Maj.
  • Air Force Reserve support continuing

    As Operation Iraqi Freedom shifts from combat to reconstruction, hundreds of mobilized Air Force reservists are returning home to family and civilian life. Thousands more, however, remain on active duty, and Air Force Reserve Command officials here say they have no clear picture as of May 21 as to when these people will be demobilized.Those
  • Blue, silver AEFs get rotations back on track

    The Air Force is establishing two transitional air and space expeditionary forces, blue and silver, to put the deployment schedule back on track by March 2004 and to bring home deployed airmen as quickly as possible.“We envision these two 120-day rotations filling the requirements of combatant commanders through spring when we can once again
  • Coalition progresses in Iraq, challenges remain on the path

    Each day the conditions in Iraq are improving and the life for the Iraqi population is starting to return to the "normal pre-war standard," said Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld.In his briefing to the Pentagon press, the secretary also said the department has no objection to officials from the International Atomic Energy Agency going back to
  • ‘101 critical days’ begin on Memorial Day

    If statistics hold true, 21 airmen will die this summer while “having fun.”The period between Memorial Day and Labor Day is a period of increased off-duty injuries caused by increased activity and risk taking, according to officials from the Air Force Safety Center at Kirtland Air Force Base, N.M. “The ‘101 Critical Days of Summer’ safety campaign
  • New bearing system could cut costs

    Advances in bearing systems for engines powering target drones and cruise missiles could cut costs by 20 percent and increase fuel efficiency.Scientists and engineers in the Air Force Research Laboratory's Propulsion Directorate are testing a bearing using a compliant foil -- a thin, flexible sheet of metal -- rather than conventional parts like
  • KC-135 receiving communications relay ability

    The KC-135 Stratotanker will soon add a communications capability to its mission.The installation of Roll-on Beyond Line of Sight Enhancement equipment, will help the flow of information on KC-135s while the aircraft conduct their primary mission of air refueling.Used primarily as a "flying gas station," the aircraft has served many roles
  • Center fights for safer Afghan airspace

    Representatives from the Regional Air Movement Control Center arrived here May 16 to discuss airspace safety with aviation officials and civilian aircraft operators who fly over and within Afghanistan.The center has its headquarters at a forward-deployed air base in Southwest Asia. It is an Air Force entity that controls air traffic in Afghanistan
  • Predator proves worth in war against terrorism

    The Air Force officer is a transport plane pilot, but these days his aircraft flies "solo," and he doesn't leave the ground.Capt. Sam J. Vanzanten, is an earthbound controller of the Predator unmanned aerial vehicle. He's been in the Predator program for the past two years, the eight-year military veteran said.Vanzanten, his armaments specialist,
  • CMSAF sends Memorial Day message

    The following is a Memorial Day message from Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force Gerald R. Murray:“America remembers. We remember the names and faces of fallen heroes of past and current wars, and we honor them by setting aside a day to memorialize their sacrifice. This sacred tradition binds us together as a nation that lives in freedom today
  • Deployed airmen send love with music

    Leaving loved ones behind is one of the most difficult aspects of deployment, but now deployed airmen can send their love back home in a unique way.For several years, the U.S. Air Force Heritage of America Band here has produced compact discs for troops and their families. Now the band has expanded a program that allows deployed airmen to mail a


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