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  • New MRE entrees coming soon

    Servicemembers in the field about to grab a Meal, Ready to Eat combat ration might want to choose the Jamaican pork chop, the pasta with alfredo sauce or the beef with mushrooms.These entrees will soon be gone from the MRE inventory, and replaced by new dishes that food technologists at the U.S. Army Soldier Systems Center at Natick, Mass., said
  • Holiday feast totals $1.5 million

    There will be plenty of traditional holiday foods with all the trimmings available for America’s servicemembers, including those located throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East during the upcoming holiday season.The food list includes 77,000 pounds of turkey; 50,000 pounds of beef; 91,000 pounds of hams; 87,000 pounds of seafood; 7,900 cans of
  • Automated External Defibrillator saves life

    Two days before Thanksgiving, Bob Green and his wife, Mary, came here to shop at the commissary.While such trips are not usually very momentous, this one proved to be a lifesaver for the 68-year-old retired Air Force technical sergeant who suddenly became ill that day. Sitting on a bench while his wife shopped, he found himself feeling extreme
  • Capturing holiday with one shot

    “Just like senior pictures.” More than one airman or soldier made that remark on a recent weekend as they waited their turn to pose for digital Christmas portraits.The picture-perfect gifts were meant for family and friends.A 455th Expeditionary Operations Group aircraft maintenance hangar was transformed into a tactical studio. Instead of an
  • Earthquake hits Vandenberg

    The base felt the effects of the preliminary magnitude 6.5-earthquake that rocked central California on Dec. 22 at 11:15 a.m. A 30th Space Wing emergency response team reacted to the quake.There have been no reported injuries or deaths here as a result. Civil engineers report there has been minor structural damage to one base facility. Several
  • Airmen deliver holiday supplies to islanders

    Airmen here teamed up with people from Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, and the surrounding Guam communities to airlift Christmas supplies to more than 50 Micronesian islands. This was the 51st anniversary of the Christmas Drop mission.Four C-130 Hercules aircraft from the 36th Airlift Squadron arrived Dec. 14 and 15 to prepare the aircraft and
  • Music artists deliver holiday notes from home

    Country-music star Vince Gill, along with his wife, contemporary-Christian artist Amy Grant, will bring holiday cheer to troops worldwide Dec. 24 and 25 with the radio show “Holiday Notes From Home.” The show will be broadcast on Armed Forced Radio and Television Service.An Air Force Reserve Command production, the show also features gospel
  • Time selects military as Person of the Year

    Three 1st Armored Division soldiers -- Sgt. Ronald Buxton, Spc. Billie Grimes and Sgt. Marquette Whiteside -- graced the cover of Time magazine Dec. 22. They represent "The American Soldier" -- all men and women in uniform -- who have been chosen as Time's 2003 Person of the Year."For uncommon skills and service, for the choices each one of them
  • Operation Season’s Greetings airs on AFRTS

    A television version of Air Force Reserve Command’s Operation Season’s Greetings will be broadcast Dec. 23 and 24 to American servicemembers worldwide on Armed Forces Radio and Television Service.The annual tour starred country music group Restless Heart, and also brought four New England Patriots cheerleaders and comedian Andy Andrews to bases
  • AF leaders visit Bagram airmen

    Air Force senior leaders praised the dedication and sacrifice of airmen here during a visit Dec. 19.Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. John P. Jumper and Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force Gerald R. Murray were welcomed to Afghanistan by 455th Expeditionary Operations Group airmen who are supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. The visit was one of many
  • F.E. Warren dormitory catches fire

    Base firefighters who responded to a dormitory fire here Dec. 16 at about 3:30 a.m. said the fire was likely caused by a smoldering cigarette left in a couch.Damage to the 82-room dormitory is estimated at $28,000. “The dorm sprinkler system put out the fire in a matter of minutes, and the base firefighters did an excellent job keeping our airmen
  • Red Cross manager asks donors to hold off

    In August, the American Red Cross asked the public for donations of phone cards, clothing, small suitcases and comfort items for servicemembers recuperating at Walter Reed Army Medical Center here.Now Barbara Green, the ARC station manager, said she has more phone cards, sweat pants and luggage than she can use.In fact, thanks to a generous public,
  • Rocket launches from Florida

    One hundred years after the Wright Brothers flew 120 feet, a Delta II rocket placed a Global Positioning System satellite into orbit from here Dec. 21.A team consisting of people from the 1st Space Launch Squadron, the Space and Missile Systems Center, Lockheed and Boeing launched the 49th GPS.“The launch represents another milestone for the Delta
  • Two missing airmen identified

    Two airmen missing in action from the Vietnam War have been identified and returned to their families for burial. They are Maj. Richard W. Cooper Jr., of Salisbury, Md.; and Chief Master Sgt. Charlie S. Poole, of Gibsland, La.On Dec. 19, 1972, Cooper and Poole were crewmembers aboard a B-52D Stratofortress bomber participating in the Linebacker II
  • Gatlin Brothers, band visit airmen

    The Gatlin Brothers and the Air Force’s High Flight band teamed up to perform a concert here Dec. 18 for airmen with the 386th Air Expeditionary Wing at a forward-deployed location.The day of the concert, the Gatlins toured the base, visiting with airmen from the various units. They got their hands dirty digging around under the hood of a Humvee,
  • Now showing: Dec. 22 edition of AFTV News

    The Dec. 22 edition of Air Force Television News celebrates the centennial of flight, the Air Force contribution to man’s eternal quest to fly and the repository highlighting that quest.Produced and hosted by Tech. Sgt. Bill Scherer, the second of four special editions of Air Force Television News first traces the life of Wilbur and Orville Wright,
  • Concurrent receipt pay reality in Jan.

    Military retirees will begin receiving both retired pay and Veterans Affairs disability compensation as the disability offset is phased out.Previously, the offset reduced the amount of the military retiree’s pay by an amount equal to any disability payment received from the VA.Legislation authorizing concurrent receipt of both forms of compensation
  • Airmen remember Linebacker II

    Thirty-three airmen stood in a somber formation here Dec.18 to mark the 31st anniversary of the Linebacker II missions that led to the end of the Vietnam War. Each airman, who represented a fallen airman, snapped to attention as a name was read from the list of those lost. Thirty-three airmen and 15 aircraft did not return from this intense
  • Pilot talks about Enola Gay mission

    “Airspeed and altitude” was the flight strategy that positioned the Enola Gay to deliver the first atomic bomb used as a weapon nearly 60 years ago, said the pilot who planned and flew the mission.Retired Brig. Gen. Paul W. Tibbets spent several days in the nation’s capital attending events leading up to the Dec. 17 celebration of the centennial of
  • ‘First-strike rations’ developed

    "Ration stripping" is what they call it when forward-deployed combat servicemembers get rid of all but the most essential items from their Meals, Ready to Eat so they do not have so much to carry as they set out on a mission.Servicemembers in Operation Anaconda in Afghanistan reported sacrificing all but a few carefully chosen food items from their


“This is one we’ve been working on for a while, and I’m glad we could get it across the finish line.” - @CMSAF18 https://t.co/xtVu5BQuWW
RT @GenCQBrownJr: @usairforce @GenDaveGoldfein Working together & accelerating change, I'm confident that our @usairforce can continue to b…
RT @GenCQBrownJr: @usairforce @GenDaveGoldfein You can expect my leadership will be framed by the same four tenants I've used throughout my…
RT @GenCQBrownJr: @usairforce @GenDaveGoldfein To do so, we must no longer defer, but must accelerate the needed change & tough choices we'…
RT @GenCQBrownJr: @usairforce @GenDaveGoldfein Building on @GenDaveGoldfein's 3 focus areas, I'm committed to addressing today's challenges…
RT @GenCQBrownJr: @usairforce @GenDaveGoldfein It's due to their trials & tribulations in #BreakingBarriers that I can address you today as…
RT @GenCQBrownJr: @usairforce @GenDaveGoldfein Those like the #TuskegeeAirmen, Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., Chappie James, African-American lead…
RT @GenCQBrownJr: @usairforce @GenDaveGoldfein This is a very historic day for our Nation & I don't take this moment lightly. Today is poss…
RT @GenCQBrownJr: @usairforce I'm proud to follow extraordinary leaders. Chiefs of Staffs from Spaatz to @GenDaveGoldfein, who have lead ou…
RT @AFThunderbirds: Update: flyover is at 11:15 AM!
RT @AFThunderbirds: Headed to salute @GenDaveGoldfein and welcome the 22nd CSAF: Gen. Charles Q. Brown at @Andrews_JBA! Look up at 1105 AM…
Join us for the Air Force Chief of Staff transition ceremony LIVE from @Andrews_JBA at 9:30AM EDT.… https://t.co/fnGXOh7m0k
US & Canadian members worked together to repair a fuel pump on a Canadian C-17A Globemaster III at Ali Al Salem Air… https://t.co/e52k3ogDdx
RT @GenDaveGoldfein: The Airmen of today's @usairforce are the most incredible, patriotic, & disciplined professionals I've ever had the pl…
Pentagon staff clap-out @GenDaveGoldfein as he exited the Pentagon on his final day as Air Force Chief of Staff.… https://t.co/AgqLS8pUgD
RT @SecAFOfficial: After 37 years of steadfast service to the @USAirForce and #Airmen, no one has earned a standing ovation more than @GenD
Guardsmen from the @HiAirGuard and @PANationalGuard located three missing mariners on Pikelot Island during a searc… https://t.co/RFRmCo5koQ
Join us for the Air Force Chief of Staff transition ceremony LIVE from @Andrews_JBA tomorrow at 9:30AM EDT!… https://t.co/6M0EIYvyzL
RT @AirNatlGuard: Hear Lt. Gen. Michael A. Loh share his first message to the field as the 13th Director of the Air National Guard. https:/…
The newest Air Force Podcast recently dropped. Listen to a small snippet of CMSAF Kaleth O. Wright talk with Staff Sgt. New about resiliency. Listen to the entire podcast on Youtube: https://go.usa.gov/xpnAD or Subscribe to The Air Force Podcast on iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/podcast/the-air-force-podcast/id1264107694?mt=2
Our mantra, "Always ready!" It's the spirit we fly by! #B2Tuesday
Need some motivation to get your week started off right? Listen as CMSAF Kaleth O. Wright weighs in...
The U.S. Air Force Academy gives its cadets some unique opportunities. Ride along one of this opportunities.
A United States Air Force KC-135 Stratotanker refuels an F-22 Raptor over northern Iraq, Nov. 6, 2019. U.S. Central Command operations deter adversaries and demonstrate support for allies and partners in the region. (Video by Staff Sgt. Daniel Snider)
Although the Silver Star is the third-highest military medal, it's not given often. Today, TSgt Cody Smith was the 49th Special Tactics Airman to receive this medal since Sept. 11th, 2001. Read more of TSgt Smith's amazing story: https://www.airforcespecialtactics.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/2024815/special-tactics-airman-battled-through-injuries-awarded-silver-star/fbclid/IwAR2LZWwx1VHdTnQe39rIEBOuJS_0JvMQBBGt7I-E6zsxxn-Lx9387yu43Bc/ Cannon Air Force Base Air Force Special Operations Command United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)
Tune in as our Air Force musicians along with other military musicians are awarded the National Medal of Arts.
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