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  • Captain nearly loses identity

    The mysterious $644 debit could easily have gone unnoticed last November. The identity thieves preferred it that way. But, Capt. Greg Wood, 90th Space Wing executive officer, noticed the out-of-place debit and quickly investigated its appearance."I asked my wife if she got me something extra special," said Wood. "When she said 'No,' I knew that
  • First sergeant changes benefit entire AF

    Air Force officials are touting recent changes made to first sergeant assignments and hope that more senior noncommissioned officers take advantage of what some are calling "the best job I've ever had in the Air Force."The Air Force converted the career field into a special-duty assignment in October, according to Senior Master Sgt. Chris Anthony,
  • Eglin engineers test bombs with brains

    Determining if warheads can penetrate underground targets and detonate after counting floor levels or measuring depth was the focus of recent sled testing on a Hard Target Smart Fuze here.HTSF engineering team members placed the fuze in an inert warhead on a 2,000-foot test track and sent it through walls at a speeds of 1,300-feet per second, said
  • Four defenders work like dogs

    Working like a dog. This simile relates to someone who works tirelessly throughout a busy day. For four exclusive members at the 380th Air Expeditionary Wing, "working like a dog" is more than a simile. It is their daily life.Arkie, Tasja, Athos and Dutchy are part of the military working dog team at a forward-deployed location. These fabulous
  • Secretary, chief send Columbia message

    The following is a joint message from Secretary of the Air Force Dr. James G. Roche and Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. John P. Jumper:"On Saturday, 1 February 2003, our nation and the world lost seven courageous, talented individuals when the Space Shuttle Columbia Orbiter (STS-107) experienced catastrophic failure 15 minutes prior to landing at
  • U.S. forces return to Philippines

    Nearly 400 U.S. soldiers and airmen of Special Operations Command-Pacific have assembled here for a monthlong joint combined exchange training program. Called "Balance Piston 03-05," the exercise is geared toward improving the interoperability of the two nations' armed forces and enhancing tactical and operational proficiency, said officials. The
  • Runway's end home for 'Warthog' launchers

    The end of the runway is one of the worst places to work at windswept Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan, which is located at the foot of the Hindu Kush mountains.It is cold and wind gusts kick up clouds of choking dust, said Staff Sgt. Chris Bolt. But the weapons loader spends 12 hours a day, seven days a week out there, helping launch A-10 Thunderbolt
  • Aviation pioneer says 'know your stuff'

    Retired Lt. Gen. William E. Brown Jr., guest speaker here for the base's Black History Month kick-off luncheon, advised airmen to "Know your stuff." The general said it was an important element that led him -- as a black American -- to a very successful career. That career began in 1951, spanned the Korean and Vietnam Wars and ended in 1985 when
  • Two airmen among seven lost in shuttle disaster

    Two Air Force officers were among the seven astronauts lost when the Space Shuttle Columbia apparently broke apart at 9 a.m. EST Feb.1 in the area over north central Texas. Col. Rick Husband was the mission commander and Lt. Col. Michael Anderson was the payload commander.The shuttle was preparing to land at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida
  • DOD supporting shuttle search effort

    The Department of Defense assets currently involved in search, security and transportation operations related to the loss of Space Shuttle Columbia include:-- Air Force: C-141 aircraft from McGuire Air Force Base, N.J., will be used to transport NASA's rapid response team from Kennedy Space Center, Fla.-- Air Force Reserve: Six F-16 Fighting
  • Phone home

    Airmen talk on six phones in this forward-deployed base's morale tent Jan. 28. People can make one 10-minute phone call home per week, and they have access to the Internet on six computer workstations. The airmen are assigned to the 410th Air Expeditionary Wing supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. (Photo by Senior Airman Tammy L. Grider)
  • Sergeant gets six years confinement

    An Air Force staff sergeant will spend six years in confinement, be demoted to airman basic and be dishonorably discharged for stealing four laptop computers and two personal data assistant devices from U.S. Central Command last year.A military judge sentenced Staff Sgt. Sheridan Ferrell II on Jan. 30 to seven years on two charges of larceny and
  • Happy New Year!

    South Korean air force's 38th Tactical Fighter Group commander, Col. Kwong O Sung, and Col. Timothy Byers, 8th Support Group commander, present offerings to their ancestors as part of the Korean Lunar New Year celebration here. Offerings often include fruits and liquors. The Koreans assigned here invited Americans to share in the festivities held
  • Weather or not

    Weather forecasters Staff Sgt. Angela Radden and Tech. Sgt. Tim Fields check computer imagery that will help them forecast the weather over Afghanistan. Deployed to Bagram Air Base, their main job is to provide Combined Joint Task Force-180 officials with up-to-the-minute forecasts. The task force directs all coalition military operations in the
  • The iceman 'teach-eth'

    Capt. Damian Schlussel instructs Senior Airman Chris Hucks on ice axe self-arrest techniques at the peak here Jan. 26. Schlussel is the officer in charge of the security forces training flight for the 31st Security Forces Squadron at Aviano Air Base, Italy. Hucks is a communications project manager for the base's 31st Communications Squadron.
  • February's Citizen Airman magazine now available

    At Moody Air Force Base, Ga., airmen of the 39th Flying Training Squadron are using their civilian corporate knowledge to help teach fighter fundamentals to new Air Force pilots. Read about the direct impact these reservists have on the future of the Air Force as well as the nation's security in the February issue of Citizen Airman, official
  • Wilford Hall doctors place third in nation

    The internal medicine residents at Wilford Hall Medical Center here know their stuff.The National Board of Medical Examiners recently notified officials at the Air Force's medical flagship that their residents placed third out of 398 programs nationwide on their Medical Resident in Training examinations.That result places them in the top 1 percent
  • Convicted airman considers himself lucky

    With tears in his eyes, he spoke of his two sons -- how he is missing them grow up, and how they are growing up so fast. His voice quivered as he mentioned his youngest son's visit, and how his boy did not even recognize him. He will miss his youngest son's first birthday this month.Airman Basic Ryan Palmquist was court-martialed for drug use,
  • 'Good Morning America' spotlights Incirlik

    Incirlik and its people will share the spotlight with Diane Sawyer and Charles Gibson on Feb. 3 during a special broadcast of "Good Morning America."The show, scheduled to be broadcast live from Istanbul, will focus on Turkey's role in current events as well as Incirlik's specific role as the hub of Operation Northern Watch."We're doing a
  • Helping a hand

    Staff Sgt. Raymond Escorido (left), Lt. Col. (Dr). John Baldauf and Capt. (Dr.) Jim Lau prepare for surgery on the hand of a patient at a forward-deployed location supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. Escorido is an operating room scrub technician, Baldauf is an orthopedic surgeon, and Lau is a general surgeon. The three are assigned to the


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