Air Force promotions eliminates time-in-grade, time-in-service points

  • Published
  • By Kat Bailey
  • Air Force Personnel Center Public Affairs

Time-in-grade and time-in-service points in active duty enlisted promotion consideration will be eliminated beginning with the 17E7 master sergeant promotion cycle, and all future promotion cycles, the Air Force recently announced.


This is the final step in a gradual reduction of points for TIG/TIS that occurred one-third at a time over three years as part of the new enlisted evaluation and promotion systems employed in 2015.


In order to create a framework that effectively encourages and captures performance-based service, overall enlisted performance report points for the Weighted Airman Promotion System increased while TIG/TIS points were reduced gradually with the goal to remove them completely.


The changes to the enlisted evaluation and promotion systems are intended to ensure performance carries the most weight when calculating points for promotion selection.


Airmen will continue to complete their WAPS testing and have their test scores combined with their other weighted factors.  


The elimination of TIG/TIS points is effective with 17E7, 17E6, 17E5 and 17E9 promotion cycles.


Additional details regarding WAPS and enlisted promotions are available on myPers. Click the Promotion link from the active duty enlisted landing page or select “Active Duty AF Enlisted” from the dropdown menu and search “WAPS.”


For more information about Air Force personnel programs, visit the myPers website. Individuals who do not have a myPers account can request one by following these instructions.