Bully Brothers

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Apryl Hall
  • Minot Air Force Base Public Affairs
Ask any Airman what their dream base is and not many would respond with, “Minot Air Force Base!” But for one young Airman, that was his exact response.

Airman 1st Class Jarret Nave, a 91st Missile Maintenance Squadron electro-mechanical technician, knew where he wished to be stationed when he booked the same job as his older brother. As fate would have it, he ended up with the same job as his brother Senior Airman Todd Nave, a 91st MMXS missile communications team chief.

“I knew there were only a few bases I could go, so Minot was my number one choice,” Jarret said. “It was a lot easier going to a place where I already knew someone.”

Todd was mutually excited for his younger brother to join him, not only at Minot AFB, but also in his squadron.

“I was really happy,” Todd said. “I had his name tapes ready for him and thought I’d show him around when he arrived.”

Military service isn’t a foreign idea in the Nave household. Their father served in the Navy and their two older brothers, one currently serving at Kirtland Air Force Base and the other recently separated from the Marine Corps, also enlisted. Todd said although their family doesn’t envy the cold weather, they are happy him and Jarret have each other to lean on.

“My dad’s happy about it, because he knows if we ever have anything going on, we can talk to each other,” Todd said. “He knows that we’re hanging out together, so we’re not isolated.”

For Jarret, having his brother close allows him to continue sharing normal, everyday conversations.

“It’s really nice to have family here and be able to talk to someone about my dreams and stuff,” Jarrett said.

Todd added it’s nice to have someone he can count on whenever he needs a wingman.

“If I ever need someone to work out with me, watch a movie or go eat with me, I just call him up,” Todd said. “He’s really good with money too, so I always ask him for advice,”

Although they both find it convenient to always have a friend nearby, it’s about more than just talking or grabbing dinner. They both know family bonds are stronger than most, and it isn’t something they take for granted.

“The best part about being stationed with my brother is having someone I can trust here,” Todd said. “I can ask for an opinion or not be worried about what they think about me.”

With their futures still uncertain, one thing the Nave brothers know is they both want to end up back in Wichita, Kansas where most of the family currently resides. Whether they make the Air Force a career or use their learned technical skills to help their dad run his electrical company, one thing is certain according to them; their time spent together here has only made them closer.