TRICARE continues to expand coverage

  • Published
  • By TRICARE Staff
Effective in early December, TRICARE will expand coverage to include the care and treatment of beneficiaries requiring an auditory osseointegrated implant (AOI) to non-active-duty family members, and we will also cover the services and supplies needed to diagnose and treat illness or injury of the urinary system.

AOI is a prosthetic device implanted in the skull to transmit sounds to the inner ear. They are used when needed for significant hearing conditions resulting from trauma, birth defects or disease.

Injuries to the urinary system can include blunt force, e.g., most commonly motor vehicle crashes, falls, or sports injuries or a penetrating force, e.g., most commonly gunshot or stab wounds, or surgery. Injuries to the urinary tract often occur together with injuries to other organs, especially abdominal organs. Illnesses can include bladder disease or cancer, urinary tract infections, and chronic kidney disease.

These additions to coverage are on the heels of our recently expanded preventive services and care for congestive heart failure under the TRICARE cardiac rehabilitation benefit.

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