Goldfein visits ISR Airmen

  • Published
  • By Lori A. Bultman
  • 25th Air Force
Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. David L. Goldfein met with Airmen and leaders at 25th Air Force Headquarters Dec. 19.

“My mission this week is to get out and say thanks to all of those who are standing watch, not only on behalf of the Joint Chiefs, but also on behalf of a very grateful nation,” Goldfein told the Airmen of the 625th Operations Center.

Goldfein thanked the Airmen for their hard work and dedication.

“Nothing that you do is easy. Nothing that you have shown me walking around here is simple, but the way you knit it together … the way you work the relationships that matter so much in this business, are very often what keeps our nation safe and allows us to sleep at night,” Goldfein said.

Goldfein, a Texas native, reminded Airmen they are an important to global security.

“It’s not only our families, it’s families around the world that rely on us,” he said. “We are a global power for one reason and that is because we have global capabilities, and that is what you provide every day. Never take for granted the impact that you are having on a truly national level. Our families sleep well at night because you are here. And I, for one, couldn’t be prouder to serve with each and every one of you and to say thank you for what you are doing every day.”

During his visit, Goldfein also presented his recognition coin to several outstanding team members at 25th AF Headquarters.

Maj. Octavia Heard, a squadron section commander, was recognized for her courage in ensuring the safety of one of her Airmen.

In early December, an Airman under her supervision was abducted by a group of men, beaten and forced to drive around town withdrawing cash from ATMs and selling his personal property at pawn shops. When the Airman did not report for work the next morning, Heard worked with the Airman’s apartment complex manager and the San Antonio Police Department to conduct a welfare check.

While they were there, the abductors drove into the apartment complex in the Airman’s car, with the Airman in the back seat. Heard approached the car, opened the back door and pulled the Airman out of the car as the abductors attempted to drive away. The alleged perpetrators were later arrested, and the Airman was treated and released from the hospital.

Tech. Sgt. Dan Schultz, an airborne mission systems manager, 625th Air Support Squadron, was recognized for his key role in finding a more problem-centric, deductive and anticipatory approach to intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations.

An example of his impact was shown when he recommended delaying an RC-135 to assist when another aircraft was incapacitated. His actions allowed 25th Air Force to continue support for a critical focused collection operation.

Schultz also assisted with coordinating and synchronizing ISR activities supporting EC-130H missions designed to test a new capability in support of the 624th and 625th Operations Centers.

Carol Glover, spouse of 25th AF Command Chaplain (Col.) Bruce Glover, was recognized for her service as the 25th AF Key Spouse coordinator. She coordinated efforts to recognize and care for the families of deployed service members. She led numerous activities for the families, to include decorating yards with welcome home signs, holding pizza making events for families and putting together care packages for those deployed. Prior to her service with the 25th AF, she led a similar group, Yellow Ribbon Spouses, at Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph.