K-town 'all stars' compete in Little League World Series

  • Published
  • By Desiree N. Palacios
  • Air Force News Service
The Kaiserslautern Military Community All Stars team competed in their first game of the 2012 Little League World Series held in South Williamsport, Pa. on August 16.

The 13-man team won the European title two weeks ago with a 14-0 standing and competed in their first Little League World Series game against the Kuei-Shan Little League from Taoyuan, Chinese Taipei. "It's a humbling experience for them," said Eric Vincent, team manager, about the team representing Europe.

In order for the KMC team to arrive at the 2012 Little League World Series, the KMC team had to compete against other teams within Germany. Once they won overall in Germany they moved on to the European Little League championship held in Poland two weeks ago.
"Well they (the KMC team) kind of feel like it's their birth right (to win the European division)," said Vincent. "Because baseball is an American sport."

Europe's team consists of dependents of Air Force, Army and Department of Defense civilians working within the KMC. Vincent explains that being a military or DoD dependant has its advantages. With the kid's parents working for the government, Vincent said that the kids are more disciplined than most kids their age, which ranges from 11-12 years of age. Vincent gave his team a pep-talk before the game and told the players to get in the game and get focused. Justin Wilson, the starting pitcher on the team, said before the game that he felt good, but he was a little nervous for his first little league world series game. Each game is six innings long.

The first inning started with Taipei at bat. Europe was able to hold them back from scoring any points during that inning. However in the second inning, Taipei's Li-Wei Chiang hit a home run over center field with two of his teammates on bases changing the score to 3-0 heading into the bottom of the second inning. Taipei scored again in the third inning with 6 runs and again in the fourth inning with 5 runs. Asia-Pacific shut down Europe with a 14-1 victory and warrant the mercy rule. This isn't the end of the road for the European team. They will compete again on Saturday, Aug 18 against the Caribbean at noon EDT.