'Today's Air Force' looks at guns, planes and more guns

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Air Force Television News released a new edition of "Today's Air Force" on July 20.

First up, Staff Sgt. Chris Pyles takes look at how the Air Force is saving money through total force integration. Later, Pyles takes viewers to Baton Rouge, La., to the set of "Sons of Guns" to meet an Air Force veteran. Finally, "Today's Air Force" heads to Peru for New Horizons 2012.

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This 30-minute, bi-weekly news show can be seen every day on the Pentagon Channel and American Forces Television Service stations around the world. The show also airs on more than 140 public cable-access stations within the United States.

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This week's line-up includes:

Block 1
- Straight from the Top: The chief master sergeant of the Air Force says to unplug and talk face-to-face.
- SECAF Visit: Secretary Donley travels to Papa AB, Hungary, and makes history.
- Korean Assistance: A look at how another nation is helping in Afghanistan.
- TFI: The Air Force saves money using all of its assets.

Block 2
- Largest C-130J Formation: The 317th Airlift Wing out of Dyess AFB makes history.
- Sons of Guns: A look at how an Air Force veteran became a reality TV star.
- The Phase Process: Maintaining an aircraft that's older than most of the people working on it. - TWIP: This Week in Photos

Block 3
- New Horizons: Helping the country of Peru with humanitarian assistance while training.
- Combat Controller PT: To be the best you have to work the hardest.
- Behind Boom: Ammo - "Giving the enemy the opportunity to die for his cause."