Afghan AF SF leads first patrol outside Kabul

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Alexandria Mosness
  • U.S. Air Forces Central Public Affairs
Approximately 21 Afghan air force air wing security forces led their first quick reaction force patrol outside the gates of Kabul, Afghanistan, International Airport May 21.

The AAF security forces were accompanied by seven members of the 439th Air Expeditionary Advisory Squadron who trekked up the mountain with the AAF security forces to give advice and guidance throughout the mission.

But before the AAF security forces squadrons left base, they performed battle drills for a few hours the day prior. The drills go over commonly encountered scenarios and what to do if the worst case situation occurs. It was final training before the actual mission .

This type of military defense contributes to the overall defense of the base, said Capt. Dan Minnocci, 439th AEAS SF operational advisor, who is deployed from Barksdale Air Force Base, La.

The mission consisted of a mounted and dismounted patrol. After reaching the dismount point, the AAF security forces established a secure perimeter before taking the lead in the patrol.

"The main goal is to get the Afghans to a point where they can defend the base and assets on their own," Minnocci said.  The advisors took the rear of the patrol to make sure the AAF were the
ones leading the patrol. "We tagged along with the Afghan led patrol so we could answer any questions or give advice on the way," said Master Sgt. Chris Wright, 439th AEAS security forces advisor.

It was the AAF security forces who gathered information, planned the mission and got approval, Minnocci said.

"This mission was a show of force and deterrence, "said the Indiatlantic, Fla., native. "It also allowed us to gather intelligence for force protection."

The AAF also recognized the tools they have been learning.

"We are getting very good at it [patrolling] because people came here helping us," said Capt. Azom, AAF QRF component commander. "Now, we can do a service for our country."

"I think they are more than ready, and they have showed it in both training and in action," Minnocci continued. "They are effective for security."

The patrol went well, said Wright. "They used what they were taught and applied it," he continued. "They definitely met the expectations."