AF takes bronze in sitting volleyball

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  • By Tech, Sgt, Mareshah Haynes
  • Defense Media Activity
The Air Force sitting volleyball team defeated the U.S. Special Operations Command team May 3 during the bronze medal game of the Warrior Games here.

This was the Air Force's second win over SOCOM in volleyball this week.

The Air Force wasn't able to overcome the Army in the previous match and entered the bronze bracket after losing two consecutive games.

Big Blue came back with a vengeance and took it out on SOCOM beating them in two consecutive games.

"Our strategy was just to keep it high and to keep talking . . . and once we got a few points just to keep the momentum up," said Ryan McGuire, a second year veteran.
"From previous games we learned what to do and what not to do," said Jennifer Stone, a third year veteran player. "We had to be sure to block and talk."

In the first game SOCOM scored the first point, but Air Force quickly gained control of the ball and the lead. Air Force scored five points in a row before SOCOM could get back on the board.

After getting possession of the ball, SOCOM closed the gap and pulled ahead by two making the score 6-8. The two teams continued to vie for the lead and eventually the Air Force got back in front and maintained the lead through the end of the game. Once in the lead at 18 - 11, the Air Force made quick work of SOCOM and closed out the game 25 - 12.

In the second game, Air Force started with possession of the ball. SOCOM wasn't ready to surrender, leading early 7 - 4. On their next possession, Air Force hit the ball out of bounds and the gap remained. Finally at 16 - 16 the Air Force tied the game and SOCOM managed to score only four more points. The Air Force coasted to victory with a final score of 25 - 20.

"Our strength is being able to bring it back in, forgetting about the point we may have messed up and keeping the momentum going," Mcguire said. "We're all really good friends, on and off the court, and we don't get mad at each other. We just shrug stuff off on the court."

The Air Force team will be presented their medals during a ceremony following the gold medal game between the Marines and Army.

"We're excited, we earned it and we're happy to go out with the bronze medal," Stone said.