SecAF visits Wolf Pack

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Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley visited the Wolf Pack here April 27 to talk to Airmen about their role in the region and get a firsthand glimpse at Kunsan's mission to defend the base, accept follow-on forces and take the fight north.

During Donley's visit, he met with Airmen in the 8th Maintenance Group, 8th Operations Group, 8th Medical Group and 8th Mission Support Group before conducting an Airmen's Call in the base theater.

"It's great to be back with the Wolf Pack," said Donley. "It's a great opportunity to reconnect."

The secretary acknowledged the importance of the 8th Fighter Wing's mission, saying that Kunsan Airmen perform critical work for the Air Force.

"You know the strategic importance of this base and the deterrence role that you play in helping maintain the armistice here and to promote regional stability," said Donley. "Your hard work and dedication ensures that we are ready to fight and win tonight."

Donley talked to Airmen about the importance of the Asia-Pacific region by highlighting the strategic guidance the Department of Defense released in January.

"Our nation is a Pacific power and has been for over a hundred years now," he said. "The new strategic guidance reflects the changes for the focus on this region and underscores our commitment to our allies and partners."

Donley went on to say that the United States has had a long-standing presence in the Asia-Pacific region, that maintaining close relationships with allies are vital and that the Air Force will sustain its commitments in the Pacific and continue to support joint teammates.

"The air and space capabilities we bring to the fight here are particularly relevant," said Donley. "You play a vital role in our efforts to maintain the U.S./ROK alliance."

The secretary also discussed budget cuts, the future of the Air Force and modernization during his address. He said finding the proper balance between force structure, readiness, and modernization has been the Air Force's guiding principle and that the service's best course of action is to trade size for quality. While the Air Force will become smaller in order to protect a high quality and ready force, he said it will be an Air Force that will continue to modernize and grow more capable in the future.

Donley concluded his day with a dinner attended by 8th Fighter Wing members.

(Courtesy 8th Fighter Wing Public Affairs)