'Today's Air Force' highlights Airmen overcoming adversity

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The newest edition of "Today's Air Force" covers everything from a new program that's helping Airmen eat right and stay fit to a couple who overcame adversity together.

Other stories include a piece by Airman 1st Class Roman Weber, who highlights the transition from M-16 to M-4 rifle qualification. Later in the program, Staff Sgt. Caitlin Jones covers Operation Shocker, which prepares Special Tactics Airmen for the types of missions they'll face downrange. Finally, Senior Airman Zack Lopez shares the story of Senior Airman Michael Malarsie, whose loss of eyesight changed his direction, but not his attitude.

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This week's line-up includes:

Block 1
- Straight from the Top: An overview of the 2012 Air Force Chief of Staff's reading list.
- New Rifle Qualification: The M-16 is out, now all Airmen must qualify on the M-4.
- Vitabot Health Program: A smarter way for Airmen to track and maintain nutrition.
- Airmen Against Drunk Driving: A program at Lajes Field provides Airmen a safe way home.

Block 2
- Operation Shocker: Adding realism provides better training for Search and Rescue Airmen.
- Fabrication Flight: Fixing or constructing parts help Airmen get planes in the air faster.
- This Week in Photos.

Block 3
- Dream Wedding Winner: Love helps this couple overcome incredible challenges.
- SrA Michael Malarsie: A story about one Airman whose loss of eyesight changed his direction, but not his attitude.