'Today's Air Force' features a look around the service

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In this edition of "Today's Air Force," Offutt Airmen fill sandbags to prepare for the rising Missouri River. And, you will tag along with the Wisconsin National Guard as they play a part in Northern Viking. Plus, wounded warriors ride 325 miles to recovery. Those stories and more are available this week in Today's Air Force.

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This week's line-up includes:

Segment A
      Straight from the Top - Happy Birthday, U.S. Army
      Offutt Flooding
      CMSAF Roy visits AOR
      Northern Edge
      Citibank Security

Segment B
      Wisconsin Guard in Iceland
      Picauville Ceremony
      Global Hawk
      Learning from Others
      This Week in Photos

Segment C
      Candy Bomber
      Miesau Mural
      Thunderbirds Visit Hospital
      Ride 2 Recovery