Cadets attempt to break world record

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As a way to wind down after the completion of finals week, cadets here attempted to break a Guinness World Record by staging the world's largest dodgeball game.

More than 3,500 cadets, divided into two teams, faced off May 18th on the Academy's Terrazzo to beat the record for the largest dodgeball game which was set Feb. 4 by students at the University of Alberta in Canada. Their game had a total of 2,012.

Lining the grass of the Terrazzo, the cadets played by the standard rules of dodgeball. If a player is hit by a ball, he or she is out. If someone catches a thrown ball, the thrower is out. It was single elimination. Some 84 Academy staff members acted as referees for the match.

Following the match, the verification process began. Documentation of the attempt was collected and submitted to Guinness Book of World Record officials. The verification process takes approximately six weeks.