'Today's Air Force' features a look around the service

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In this edition of "Today's Air Force," you'll see how Airmen are strengthening bonds with the people of Japan as Operation Tomodachi continues. Plus, you'll get a look at how a group of female Airmen learned to defend themselves from an attacker.  And, you'll see how one Airman takes time to help a group of orphans in his local community.

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This week's line-up includes:

Segment A
     Straight from the Top - Readiness Review Team
     Strengthening Bonds
     Algae Lipids
     10,000 Bags

Segment B 
     African Air Chiefs Conference
     Rape Aggression Defense 
     Ty Thomas
     Airmen of the Year
     This Week in Photos

Segment C
     Orphanage Visit
     Home Starter Kits
     Earth Week