TRICARE follows beneficiaries departing Japan

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TRICARE Management Activity officials assure TRICARE beneficiaries affected by the situation in Japan that their health care benefits will be maintained and support will continue during this difficult time. Even if relocated, beneficiaries enrolled in TRICARE Overseas Program Prime, or TOP Prime, may still access their Prime benefit. Retirees and non-command sponsored beneficiaries will continue to have the Standard benefit.

For emergency care, beneficiaries should go to the nearest emergency care facility. If you have relocated to the United States, TOP Prime enrollees should call the TOP Call Center at 1-877-451-8659 before leaving the facility or the next business day.

For urgent, routine or specialty care, those enrolled in TOP Prime who have relocated near a military treatment facility may contact the MTF for appointments. Beneficiaries relocated to the U.S. should contact the TOP Call Center at 1-877-451-8659. Beneficiaries in other locations should visit for toll-free numbers worldwide.

TOP Prime beneficiaries needing replacement or refill medications may contact any local MTF. The TRICARE Pharmacy Operations Center (1-866-275-4732) also can assist those needing to fill prescriptions from TRICARE network pharmacies.

Concerns about stress may be directed to counselors at the TRICARE Assistance Program or Military OneSource. For more information about TRIAP visit To contact Military OneSource call 1-800-342-9647.

TRICARE will continue to ensure continuity of care is maintained for beneficiaries impacted by conditions in Japan. Beneficiaries should check for ongoing updates.