'Today's Air Force' features a look around the service

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In this edition of "Today's Air Force," Airmen respond to the massive earthquake and tsunami that have left much of the east coast of Japan in ruins. Plus, a new Air Force satellite program designed to aid in missile warning and defense takes one step closer to completion. And, in honor of Women's History Month, one woman's contribution to Air Force history is observed.

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This week's line-up includes:

Segment A 
     Straight from the Top - Airmen Respond to Tsunami-Ravaged Japanese Coast
     Concerns About Radiation
     Earthquake Evacuation Followup
     Tomodachi Donations
     Search and Rescue
     U2 Provides Support
     Misawa Electrical Support
     A Phone Call Away

Segment B
     SBIRS Satellite Launch
     This Week in Photos

Segment C
     A W.A.S.P.'s History
     NASCAR Enlistment