Select CDCs become available online

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Christopher S. Stoltz
  • Air University Public Affairs
Airmen in select career fields can now complete their career development courses through Air University's AU Online website -- a derivative website of Air Education and Training Command's Advanced Distributed Learning System -- that provides course access from work or home computers.

Electronic CDCs for select career fields were made available Nov. 16 and are available as an alternative to paper CDCs for approximately 60 Air Force specialty codes. The number of courses available on-line is slated to increase in mid-December.

"The online course mirrors the paper-based CDC," said Toni Robertson, an academic adviser at the Air University. "We're using an enhanced Adobe PDF format that enables commenting, highlighting and printing. When an Airman enrolls in one of the select CDCs, the enrollment card will provide instructions on how to access their CDCs online."

Upon receiving an enrollment card, the Airman's unit training manager will provide the CDC briefing to the Airman and supervisor. With the supervisor present, the Airman will access the course. Together, they will review the course orientation material, which must be completed before the course can be accessed.

Once the orientation is completed, the Airman will have access to the available CDC volumes. Online CDCs follow the same guidance as paper-based CDCs for study and completing the course. The course exam process remains the same and is administered at the Airman's respective base education or base training office.

"We're excited about AU Online delivery of CDCs" said Lt. Col. James Varitz, a division chief at the Air University. "Our vision is that AU Online will eventually become the primary delivery mode for CDCs, with paper as the exception. AU Online delivery will provide trainees access to their courses much quicker, mitigate annual funding challenges and enable the recapitalization of printing and shipping costs to lay the groundwork for enhanced course content through interactive multimedia instruction."

They are continuing to work aggressively with Air Force career field managers and other stakeholders to coordinate and communicate this initiative, he said.

"This is only the beginning," said Col. Tony Zucco, the Education Logistics and Communications director at the Air University. "In the coming year, we hope to have all 250-plus CDCs online. Then, with the right advocacy and funding, hopefully we can begin converting these PDF files into courseware our Airman really need and want: interactive CDCs which allow for quicker, deeper and more exciting mastery of their Air Force skills."

Visit the AU e-campus support website for more information to include frequently asked questions and a list of CDCs currently approved for on-line delivery.