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Latest issue of Airman magazine available

  • Published
In the latest issue of Airman magazine, the "Ghostwalkers," Airmen with a unique mission hone their skills for action outside the wire.

Whether they are called to secure a captured airfield or provide force protection in a combat zone, these security forces warriors depend on each other. Intensive training sharpens their individual proficiencies and forms the foundation of the teamwork required for success.

Follow the Ghostwalkers as they prepare for their next rotation into the unknown.

To read more about these men and women check out the March-April 2010 issue of Airman, now available in print and online at . Some other stories in the issue include:

A Walk to Remember
Twelve special tactics Airmen walk from Texas to Florida in memory of their fallen teammates.

Out of Old Customs
Air Force nurses spend two weeks mentoring Afghanistan's newest nurses.

Wilderness Challenge
Over the river and through the woods; these military teams race in boats on bikes and on foot.

Space Weathermen
A small outpost in the Northeast boasts a big job. These analysts listen to the sun to keep communications reliable for joint forces in air, space and on the ground.

Deployed for 20 Years
In August, the Airmen from this unit will have manned deployed operations for 20 years.

35 Years on Alert
These Airmen always know that when the siren sounds they must respond quickly, day or night.

Tested and Tried
After surviving an improvised explosive device blast and saving her wounded teammates, this Airman knows she can reach her dream.