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'Today's Air Force' features airborne laser testbed

  • Published
In this edition of "Today's Air Force," the airborne laser testbed aircraft successfully shoots down a ballistic missile; Air Force officials in Iraq continue the responsible drawdown of forces, preparing Iraqis to assume control; and one Airman's inspirational story: how he's winning the battle of the bulge.

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This week's line-up includes:

Segment A
     Straight from the Top - CSAF on Interoperability
     Airborne Laser Test
     Duty-Limiting Conditions
     Del Toro Reenlistment
     ANG in Morocco

Segment B
     Contractors Plan for Drawdown
     Balad Fuels Airmen
     Cadillac Construction
     Dog Handler
     Critical Pilot Training
     This Week in Photos

Segment C
     National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Meteorologist
     Comm Squadron Troop
     Creech Ball Field
     Weight Loss
     Medallion Presentation