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Kadena wins federal-level award with help from 'The Energy Guy'

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Lakisha Croley
  • 18th Wing Public Affairs
They call him the Energy Guy and he's one of the main reasons that Kadena was recently awarded the 2009 Federal Energy and Water Management Award.

Mr. John Muckey, a 718th Civil Engineer Squadron resource efficiency manager, is a regular Joe without superpowers or spandex. He's been a hard charger for energy conservation since he arrived at Kadena in late 2008 and for Pacific Air Forces for the past five years.

The hard work is beginning to pay off, as evidenced by Kadena's award. Although he was a key factor in winning the award, he gives most of the credit to the facility managers, base leaders and individual energy users at Kadena.

When asked what he did to help Kadena earn the award, Mr. Muckey responded, "I've just been supporting the program and doing my job. A lot of people were involved in this award.  This an organizational award, so the base actually won the award."

This is Kadena's first federal level award, though not its first award for energy conservation. The base garnered three PACAF-level awards, and the 718th CES won the Air Force-level Energy Conservation Group Award in 2008.

Of the many federal organizations eligible for this award, only three were nominated, with Kadena coming out on top. Being selected was a great feeling for Mr. Muckey.

"I felt very good about it. I was excited because they don't pick too many each year," he said.

The Federal Energy and Water Management Award is awarded to those individuals, groups and agencies that make outstanding contributions in the areas of energy efficiency, water conservation and the use of advanced and renewable energy technologies at federal facilities.

Contributing to Kadena's recent triumphs were energy conservation projects like improved lighting efficiency, where antiquated, high-intensity discharge lighting fixtures were converted to high-output fluorescent fixtures in five hangars and one gymnasium. These two projects alone reduced Kadena's annual electrical utility cost by approximately $247,035.

One of the most successful programs created by Mr. Muckey is the TSO-B4UGo! or Turn Stuff Off Before You Go! Program. Mr. Muckey began developing the TSO-B4UGo! motto as part of the Mustang Energy Program at Osan Air Base, Korea, in 2005; its original manifestation was simply "TSO" -- Turn Stuff Off. Later on he came up with the slogan TSO-B4UGo! for the base-wide, Friday afternoon email he used to send at Osan AB.

Mr. Muckey's constant reminders about energy conservation earned him the nickname "The Energy Guy." When Mr. Muckey came to Kadena, the slogan TSO-B4UGo! came with him.

Mr. Muckey's job consists of collecting and analyzing data, identifying promising conservation programs and encouraging the public to actively seek ways to conserve energy. This is all well and good, but according to Mr. Muckey it's the facility managers who do the dirty work of maintaining Kadena's facilities and implementing conservation programs particular to their buildings that make all the difference.

"They are where the rubber meets the road," said Mr. Muckey, adding that 12 of these individuals will be recognized in a coin and certificate ceremony for their part in winning this award. With the continued support and hard work of people like them, the Energy Guy believes the Kadena team will continue its award-winning ways.