'Today's Air Force' features Airmen working in a joint environment

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This edition of "Today's Air Force" highlights how U.S. aircraft were put on display in Paris and Southwest Asia, how Airmen are training around the world in both joint and combined environments, and how several fitness tips can help Airmen stay healthy this summer.

Showcasing Air Force aircraft around the world allows civilians and servicemembers from around the world the opportunity to see our capabilities. 

A few aircraft were put on display during the Paris Air Show, while 379th Air Expeditionary Wing officials put on a "Flightline Fest" on the base's flightline in Southwest Asia to give all servicemembers an up close look at flightline operations.

With Airmen constantly training in both joint and combined environments, survival, evasion, resistance and escape training has gone urban. Exercise Northern Edge is going on at Eielson Air Force Base, Alaska, bringing together thousands of U.S. servicemembers from around the world. Loyal Arrow 2009 took place in Sweden recently, bringing together representatives from 10 NATO nations.

Also featured is a look at some fitness tips. Upcoming fitness program changes means many Airmen will be hitting the track, so "Today's Air Force" is highlighting the importance of hydration and choosing supplements wisely.

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This week's line-up includes:

Segment A
Global Strike Command
F-16 Fighting Falcon support
Munitions Airmen
Paris Air Show
Flightline Fest

Segment B
Urban SERE
Northern Edge
Loyal Arrow 2009
Hurricane supplement
Finance Web site

Segment C
Fitness expo
Hydration tips
Health supplements
CPR/AED awareness
High school graduation