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Sustaining the mission through green innovation

  • Published
  • By Kevin W. Billings
  • Acting SAF/IE
On April 22, the Air Force will join the nation in observing Earth Day. On this occasion, we take the opportunity to reflect on our daily commitment to excellence and leadership in protecting and preserving the environment and our natural resources. As we fly, fight, and win today and in the future, we have an inherent responsibility to do so while protecting and sustaining the environment in which we operate, train and live, a responsibility we take seriously.

Through the use of pollution prevention concepts like reduce, reuse, recycle at bases worldwide, we are winning today's fight with green solutions that support and enhance Air Force operations while protecting the environment.

We are taking care of our Airmen by building sustainable communities that are more considerate of the environment, and providing enhanced green space and recreational areas for the families that live on our installations.

We are recapturing our acquisition excellence through innovative green procurement and weapon system lifecycle management initiatives that encourage the purchase of less hazardous, more energy efficient products, equipment and services.

The Air Force is a national leader in the purchase of "green" power, as evidenced by several U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Green Power Leadership awards in the last five years. Our dedication to finding alternative and renewable sources of energy has made us one of the nation's largest purchasers of environmentally friendly energy sources such as biomass, wind, landfill gas, and solar energy.

We have also taken aggressive strides to reduce electricity demand resulting in billions of dollars in cost avoidance. We will continue to reduce energy usage through energy conservation and increased efficiency initiatives. We want to continue to foster a culture where energy is a consideration in all that we do. Every Airman contributes to our success and we can be proud of our accomplishments!

As the Air Force fulfills its mission, we do so with the full understanding that we must not only ensure compliance with our environmental obligations, but also operate in an environmentally sustainable manner-to secure our natural resources for today's Air Force and tomorrow's generations. In commemoration of Earth Day, let us rededicate ourselves to responsible environmental stewardship and sustaining the mission through green innovation.

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