Airman tracks down parts for Iraqi maintenance depot

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  • By Staff Sgt. Tim Beckham
  • U.S. Air Forces Central, Baghdad media outreach team
A joint expeditionary tasking Airman with the 732nd Air Expeditionary Group here is a scavenger. 

Capt. Jeff Allen, a contract officer representative for the depot, is charged with locating the parts the Iraqi army needs to restore their vehicles, whether it be buying it or finding it at a salvage yard. 

He is responsible for acquiring HMMWV and tank parts for the Taji national maintenance depot, which unveiled its first M1114 HMMWV that was restored by an all Iraqi maintenance crew here March 4.

"I acquire assets so (Iraqis) can make the necessary repairs, or so they can practice and train how to make the repairs," said Captain Allen, who is deployed from Andrews Air Force Base, Md. "We go out of our way to make sure the Iraqis and contractors have everything they need to do their job."

Captain Allen said the entire maintenance process takes place at the Taji national maintenance depot.

"We are training the Iraqis to operate all the processes themselves. We have training going on every step of the rebuilding process," he said. "We have a transmission, engine, drive train and paint facility that rebuilds everything. We also have a complete tank facility which will do depot level repairs on T-72 and BMP tanks by the end of the year."

Not only is the depot responsible for rebuilding vehicles, but the maintenance yard also houses all the small arms found nearby.

"We take in all the captured small arms found throughout Iraq," Captain Allen said. "Some are designated for destruction, but others are repaired and reissued to the Iraqi army."

The Taji national maintenance depot provides logistics support to Iraqi joint forces. Support includes deep level repair and overhaul of wheeled and tracked vehicles, generators, small arms and ground support equipment, and technical trade training for the depot workforce.

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