Symposium encourages Building Partnerships, ideas

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  • By Capt. Jennifer Lovett
  • LeMay Center
The LeMay Center for Doctrine Development and Education here invites select officers and civilian equivalents to take part in the Building Partnerships Symposium March 23 to 25 here.

The event's primary focus is to promote discussion about relevant experiences and theories to be incorporated into Air Force doctrine concerning Building Partnerships.

"Theater Security Cooperation activities give the United States the best way to advance national interests and ensure the 'right' partnerships for the future," said Lt. Col. Mitch McClaren, the Building Partnerships Doctrine lead. "In order to prevail in today's fight, it's crucial to have enduring partnerships with nations of all socio-economic levels."

The LeMay Center serves as the Air Force's cornerstone organization to produce doctrine for the Air Force's role in Theater Security Cooperation. Through doctrine production, the LeMay Center enhances the way the Air Force does business by integrating doctrinal concepts into Air Force, joint and multinational tactics, techniques and procedures, education and wargaming.

"Building Partnerships is a key aspect to theater security cooperation and is a joint capability area which is vitally important to helping the United States achieve national security objectives," Colonel McClaren said. "A few Air Force Building Partnerships activities include intelligence and information sharing, combined exercises, international air and trade shows as well as security assistance and professional development.

"We are looking for any O-5, O-6 or civilian with relevant experience to contribute to the Building Partnerships discussion as we hash out relevant issues for building BP doctrine," he said. "Majors and below will be admitted on a space-available basis."

This symposium will discuss the foundation for how the Air Force plans, programs, assesses and executes Building Partnerships activities by incorporating practical experiences into the discussion.

To register, visit the LeMay Center Community of Practice at

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