Airman welcomes first child via Web cam

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  • By Staff Sgt. Mike Andriacco
  • 380th Air Expeditionary Wing Public Affairs
A 380th Air Expeditionary Wing Airman deployed at an air base in Southwest Asia witnessed the birth of his first child in the Oklahoma City area live via Web cam Feb. 19.

Senior Airman Daniel Warila, a 380th Expeditionary Maintenance aerospace ground equipment mechanic, watched his son, Lucas Daniel Warila, come into the world from the Chapman's Activity Center here and the Web cam capability they provided for the occasion.

Setting up the Web cam required coordination with the hospital staff in the Oklahoma City area as well as the Chapman's Activity Center staff here to ensure the computer would be available and that the couple could connect through a chat program long enough for the birth.

Deployments are always hard on loved ones, but it can be especially difficult when faced with such a momentous occasion alone.

"(Giving birth to Lucas without Daniel there) was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do," said Skye Warila, Airman Warila's wife. "I cannot begin to tell you how much it helped having him present via webcam. Seeing him and being able to hear him tell me I was doing great and that he loved me gave me the strength to have our son."

The new father agreed.

"It was awesome," said Airman Warila, deployed from Tinker Air Force Base, Okla. "I was able to be there for my wife and our new baby at least in some way. Now I can't wait to meet him when I get back."

Being able to keep in touch with friends and family through a variety of means is a morale booster to the Airmen as well as their loved ones. Showing what Airmen are doing in the deployed environment to support the various missions is something family members view as a source of pride.

"I'm so proud of the work he is doing and the person he has become while serving in the military," Mrs. Warila said. "My husband faces being separated from his wife and son every day and still continues to go to work, do his job and serve our country. I admire him and could not be more proud of the man I married."

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