'Today's Air Force' features Gulf Coast response

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This edition of "Today's Air Force" highlights the impact of and prompt response to the hurricanes that struck the Gulf Coast. Airmen immediately came through, handing out five tons of water, four thousand bags of ice and six hundred meals.

Another team effort is demonstrated by the Airmen behind each and every pilot. See how they help prepare for each mission a pilot flies.

And to keep fit to fight, Airmen engage in physical challenges such as running marathons, exercise regimes and changing to a healthy eating lifestyle. This is one of the goals Air Force leaders want to improve.

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This week's line-up includes: 

Segment A - Hurricane Support

     Dolly Response
     Dolly Evacuation
     Military Role in Hurricane
     Aviano Storm

Segment B - Working Together
     German Doctor Visit
     Viper Lance
     Japan Defense Society
     F-16 Exchange Pilot

Segment C - Physical Fitness
     AF Blind Runner
     Ali Base Marathon
     Physical Training Leader
     Jiu Jitsu

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