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'Today's Air Force' features airpower in the AOR

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This edition of "Today's Air Force" highlights the impact the Air Force is making from the skies in its role in the war against terrorism. With the advancement in technology, new and more sophisticated aircraft are being developed such as the MQ-9 Reaper.

In another segment, see how the Air Force is playing a major role in saving the environment by using synthetic fuel and cloth shopping bags.

Also featured is a change in education opportunities. The new G.I. Bill will change the scope of education possibilities in the up coming year with more ways in which Airmen can earn their degrees.

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This week's line-up includes:

Segment A - Airpower in the Area of Responsibility
     Airpower in the AOR
     MQ-9 Reaper in Iraq
     Aging A-10
     Crash Course Exercise
     Bomb Builders

Segment B - Energy Conservation
     Energy Conservation
     C-17 Synthetic Fuel Flight
     Rising Energy Costs
     Going Green

Segment C- Education Opportunities
     New GI Bill
     Education Opportunities
     Airman Leadership School Changes
     Airmen Seminar 

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